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Who or What is The Troll?

That which I call “The Troll” is the baser, nastier part of ourselves. This includes everything from the sabotage that part of ourselves is constantly doing to our efforts to lose weight to the all too frequent desire to make nasty comments to or about people with little to no provocation or to do anything that is primarily aimed at satisfying our lusts and greed or is simply contrary to being a better person.

Christians will recognize this as the “old man” or “natural man”, the worldly side of ourselves that we must crucify every day in our walk with Jesus.

In any case, Christian or no, dieting or no, that which I have called “The Troll” is something that we each must fight every day. Especially when we decide to do something to improve ourselves and our lives. This is the story of one man’s ongoing fight against the never ending machinations of The Troll.

Background: (established in “Troll Wars – Episode 1“)

Phat Trek takes place within the mind of a man who needs to lose a LOT of weight and is battling with that part of himself best described as “the troll”. He was first brought into a dream state when he was contacted by certain aspects of his personality (see the events of “Troll Wars – Episode 1”) because they needed him, as the prime personality, to help in an otherwise losing battle they were in with the troll.

The hero is the conscious “self” of the real world person within whom this is all taking place (sometimes referred to by other aspects of the personality as “the one”, “the totality”, “prime”, “the prime”, “the one who is many”, and the like.) He became trapped within the dream because the troll, being the master of “the dream path” has insured that any attempt to navigate this path will literally be a nightmare from which there would very likely be no escape. This “dream path” is the only means for “the one” to exit the situation and return to the real world.

Meanwhile, the troll is attempting to use the dream path himself for the same reason, exit to the real world. His goal is to take over and become the primary personality. From there his goal is nothing less than global domination and in spite of his many failings he is capable of achieving it. He has boasted that in the end he will be emperor of the galaxy and unless he is stopped it is very likely that he will eventually be successful in doing so.

“Troll Wars – Episode 2” (The transition from “Troll Wars” to “Phat Trek”)

After “the one” takes time to familiarize himself with the situation that he finds himself in, it is discovered that the troll is now actively attempting to use the dream path to exit and become the primary personality. There is a discussion between him and several of what, for lack of a better term, is called the department heads.

Primary aspects of the personality (obviously there are more but these are the ones appearing in this story):

Logical reasoning
Inspiration (First appeared in my video “thinking out loud”)
and, of course, “the one”.

They discuss how essential it is to stop him and several ways to stop him are talked about. They eventually decided that the only viable option is to attempt to manipulate the dream path in spite of the danger because it is the most direct route. The goal is to either return “the one” to waking state or to at least prevent the troll from achieving this himself.

There is more discussion of just what type of imagery to use. Using anything native or comfortable to the troll is the most hazardous because he is the most familiar with how it works and is more able to turn it toward the state of chaos that he needs. Eventually it is decided that “the one” should use the inspiration of the Star Trek universe and it’s imagery and rules, something that “the one” is very familiar with and which would constrain the troll to operating within it’s rules.

The situation is set in motion and “the one” enters the dream path to play his part, working to maintain order and defeat the Troll’s efforts. Within the dream he is seen beaming aboard and taking command of a starship and beginning his mission.

At the end of Troll Wars – episode 2, we see Enterprise pulling out of a space dock and heading into the unknown as the martial sounding theme plays briefly until the ship fades. As the credits roll the “phat trek” theme plays until the end of the credits

Phat Trek (links to “Phat Trek” playlist on youtube)

Each episode begins with a sequence familiar to any Star Trek original series fan. A series of shots of a starship traveling in space and the opening credits show as I read the following lines:

“Weight, the final food drear.
These are the vloggages of a Phatman’s Enterprise.
His lifelong mission.
To explore strange new foods, to seek out new lifestyles, with new expectations.
To boldly control what was never controlled before!”

And yes, it would be absolutely beyond perfect if it were possible to get William Shatner to do that part, however I honestly don’t expect that to ever happen.

Recurring Characters:

Position, Character, played by

Captain, Tiberius t.(Thomas) Crane, Me (TFC)
science officer (1st officer), Ton A’gee, “Bob” (Note: character is Vulcan)
navigation, Vivien Chan, 3d character made with Daz 3d
helm, Lhak Setel, Sir Gorf
communications, Linn Nara, 3d character made with Blender
engineer, Ryan Thomson, ?
Security Chief, Adam Trismus, ?
(ships gym)trainer, Solkar, ?

There will also be the usual compliment of other characters, obligatory “red shirts”, aliens and so on.

These are the adventures of Tiberius T. Crane as he embarks on the mission as captain of the starship Enterprise as part of a dream sequence that began in “Troll Wars – Episode 2”. His mission is one of self discovery and self mastery using the vehicle of stellar exploration and contact with alien life forms in a previously unexplored region of the galaxy. The ship and crew are on their own, at the beginning they are far enough from home that contact with Starfleet command requires no less than three weeks to receive a response via subspace radio.

Only the captain, played by the primary personality from Troll Wars, is aware that this is a dream situation. This will only rarely, if ever, be a factor in the stories that follow. Most stories will fit within a universe that is drawn from Star Trek original series and as much as is possible should focus in some way on something that is related to weight loss and the troubles people have.

All weight loss and eating related issues are fair game. From denial, to binge eating, to anorexia and whatever else anyone can think of or has had to deal with. Our captain and crew will deal with each thing that comes along and while they will not always be successful (though as can be expected, these “good guys” will win most of the time though it may take considerable struggle, perhaps even multiple episodes), the stories will bring attention to the best way to deal with each.

In short, if it has anything at all to do with weight loss issues and can be handled in a Star Trek original series type of setting then it’s fair game.

In this dream universe, the troll will manifest as assorted hostile aliens either individually or in groups. It is also possible for the troll to occasionally masquerade as friendly forces, either to gain information or to attempt some form of sabotage.


The goal of these stories is to in some way be helpful, inspirational and just plain entertaining for people who, like myself, need to lose weight. Especially those who, like me, are having a really hard time doing it. At the same time there needs to be enough story and action to hold the attention and interest of those who have no interest in or need for weight loss.

While initially I had decided to break completed episodes into two to four minute parts I changed my mind After the experience I had with the second episode (“The Blob”) where there was an unacceptably long delay between parts. Therefore all episodes will be single part uploads.

The length of episodes is variable and can be as long as the story requires. To avoid unacceptably long delays between episodes I would like to have at least five completed episodes and completed scripts for at least five more before starting a weekly upload schedule.

While I know it won’t always be possible. It would be good if each episode can end on some kind of suspenseful note or cliffhanger which will encourage people to not miss any episodes.

For the most part, issues of religion, sexual preferences and most political issues should be noticeable only by their absence in these stories. If such issues should come into play, writers should bear in mind that these stories take place within my dream state and should reflect the fact that I am a hetero Christian with conservative political beliefs who is not affiliated with *any* political party including the so-called “independent” party.

A note to those who read the paragraph above and scream “homophobe”:

I am not and never have been a “homophobe“. I do not believe in homosexuality, I consider it wrong and in fact believe it to be a sin. I believe that it is a lifestyle choice that you make. Under no circumstances have I EVER been afraid of it. It’s your choice to make and that’s between you and God (whether you believe in Him or not). I won’t berate you for it but I will NOT accept it as “right” by any stretch of the imagination.

There can easily be stories that point out and / or makes fun of the occasional extremely obvious stupidity. Politicians, especially whatever administration is in power at the time and corporate entities will almost always make great targets for such stories. Bear in mind however that Phat Trek is not a comedy. Humorous and even comedic moments are good but should not be the main focus of a story.


Something that should be kept in mind when writing scripts is that this entire thing is happening on a zero budget. No actual sets will be used, everything is being done with green screen technology and 3D modeling software such as Blender. This means that there must be either video clips, still shots or scenes created in Blender that can be used as background in whatever scene.

All video clips, background images, blender models, sound effects and music need to be either royalty free or have a license that permits their use for commercial purposes, ideally the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. There should also be urls for where each item was obtained and also for the licensing for that item. (think in terms of satisfying youtube that it’s ok to use in a monetized video.)

I also have no budget for props or costumes / alien make up, etc. Obviously it’d be great to have stuff like that but I for one cannot afford it. This means that it will be necessary for most stories to take place aboard ship or in “on planet” scenes that are made up with still images for backgrounds. Before writing a cool looking alien it’s a good idea to make sure that there is somebody in the project that can create the effect or appearance needed and is willing to do so.

Episodes uploaded so far:

Note: Troll Wars – Episode 1 and Troll Wars – Episode 2 together constitute the ‘series pilot’.

Phat Attack

‘The Blob’ (part 1)

‘The Blob’ (part 2)
If you have any script ideas, suggestions, or whatever, feel free to stop by my youtube channel and send me a PM with “Phat Trek” in the subject.