A Family Needs Help

There’s a family that’s fallen into hard times. They’ve recently suffered the loss of help that they desperately needed in order to pay rent. As it is now, they can either pay rent, or pay bills, but not both. The mother is no longer able to walk. She’s has two daughters who do what they can and a young granddaughter in sixth grade.

Nobody in the family can drive, and even if someone could, they don’t have a car (and affording one is out of the question). They have a little bit of money coming in however it’s not enough to pay both the rent and the utilities, some of which are already in danger of being turned off.

They’re working on ways to change their situation however that is going to take time that they don’t have. Meanwhile they need help to keep from being evicted and and keep basic utilities turned on

Time they need to change things, your donation can help buy them that time.

If you are inspired to help you can donate by clicking on this Paypal donate button. A Paypal account is Not needed in order to donate with that button, all major credit cards will work with it.

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for helping.

All donations made with this button go directly to them. I will not handle any of it at any time.