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Tower Base – Hermitcraft 8 Ep4

Getting the start of the very base of the tower

First Shopping Trip – Hermitcraft 8 Ep3

Time to go shopping for the books to start enchanting stuffs. With no ‘shopping district’, that means finding the shops!!

Mining Time – Hermitcraft 8 Ep2

Standard early early days of Minecraft stuff here, including copper and a wandering villager

Apology – Hermitcraft 8 EpX

Something over ten years ago I wrote something that I recently found out that there are people hurt and or offended by it and for that, I’m sincerely sorry.

Starting Season Eight – Hermitcraft 8 Ep1

Season eight starts here!

Wrap Up – Hermitcraft 7 Ep24

Season seven draws to a close. I hope season eight will have many more episodes in it