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Wrap Up – Hermitcraft 7 Ep24

Season seven draws to a close. I hope season eight will have many more episodes in it

Smelter Change – Hermitcraft 7 Ep23

Blast furnaces are great but they have limits

Smelting Addition – Hermitcraft 7 Ep22

Time for a smelting solution at the filter / storage level.

Beginning Of Windows – Hermitcraft 7 Ep21

Finally getting around to fleshing out the outer walls of the tower with windows.

Slow Progress is Still Progress – Hermitcraft 7 Ep20

It’s hard to make progress in anything with a catheter installed but I’m getting stuff done… just really slowly

Hopefully Starting A Trend – Hermitcraft 7 Ep19

Lest I jinx myself I’m not even going to say what that trend might be just yet.