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A Bit Of Cleanup – Fallout 4 Ep111

Now that the main power is on in Nuka World there’s a bit of cleanup to do and then it’s time for me to do a royal crapload of repeatable radiant quests

Power – Fallout 4 Ep110

A bit more outpost work and then there’s trouble at the Nuka World Power plant and Nisha needs to be forcibly exsanguinated

Re-Expanding – Fallout 4 Ep109

Last episode I managed to break the quest somehow so I’ve had to go back to a prior save and re-do some stuff

Expanding – Fallout 4 Ep108

Gage has me talking to Shank about expanding Nukaworld raider operations

Star Core Fun – Fallout 4 Ep107

An easy but time consuming way to get more star cores. Also, Hubologists are annoying.

Hubology – Fallout 4 Ep106

Yep, I know. It sounds like a bad joke.