Apocrypha – TFC Plays Skyrim ep122

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Having gotten the book needed, it’s time to venture into Apocrypha, Hermaus Mora’s home turf.

A Lotta Work For A Book – TFC Plays Skyrim ep121

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The Dwemmer truly did build for the ages. Too bad they didn’t include self repairing system. Then I wouldn’t have to delve through their ruins to fix their ancient machines just so I can get hold of a book.

A Wizard And Ruins – TFC Plays Skyrim ep120

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It almost wouldn’t be a Skyrim adventure without at least one trip into an ancient dwarven ruin along the way. Extra points for having a snooty Telvani wizard along giving directions.

Two Bits of News

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In Spite of recent success I find that it is time, past time really, to start saving and scrounging money to get several things I need to repair my computer. Until that happens I will not be able to continue Fallout 4. The other bit of news is that This is day one of another “smoke free” event. This one starts with a goal of sixty consecutive days smoke free.

Raising More Questions – Fallout 4 Ep46

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Pursuing the case seems to raise a lot more questions than it answers.

[Due to computer problems I am temporarily unable to play fallout until I can afford to get it fixed, which means it may be a while before the next episode. Sorry but it cannot be helped.]

Missing Person Case – Fallout 4 Ep45

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This missing person case with Nick valentine is the one I need to get me access to Far Harbor