I Survived The Deadquarters – Hermitcraft 6 Ep131

January 4th, 2020 | Posted in Hermitcraft Vanilla | No Comments

NOt ONLY did I actually take a proper tour of the Deadquarters, I also reveal something that should have been included in it!!!

Not Forgotten – TFC Plays the Direwolf20 Season 7 Pack Ep43

January 3rd, 2020 | Posted in TFC Plays Direwolf20 1.7.10 | No Comments

Yeah it’s been an insane long time since the last episode and I bet you thought I had abandoned or forgotten this series. NOPE. Not abandoned and definitely not forgotten. At this point I couldn’t even tell you why it’s been on hiatus this long. Instead let’s just get back to getting stuff done in my favorite modpack of all time in my favorite version of Minecraft, 1.7.10

The GottaHaveIt Issue

January 2nd, 2020 | Posted in Vlog | No Comments

So you’re trying to lose weight, eating better, exercising, the whole bit. You’re doing great and then they hit you like a ton of bricks. The Cravings, and your brain is screaming “I Gotta Have This NOW!”. Worse yet, sometimes those cravings slam into each other and create new ideas to crave.

A Bit Of Cleanup – Fallout 4 Ep111

January 2nd, 2020 | Posted in Fallout 4 | No Comments

Now that the main power is on in Nuka World there’s a bit of cleanup to do and then it’s time for me to do a royal crapload of repeatable radiant quests

2020 Starts Here

January 1st, 2020 | Posted in Vlog | No Comments

The first day of the new year has been a good one. THAT is a trend I hope to see throughout the new year!!

Sneaky Activation Tactic

December 31st, 2019 | Posted in Vlog | No Comments

Treadmill is INSIDE and Set up!! But they used an underhanded tactic… making you sign up for ifit service in order to get the bloody bleeding thing un-freaking-locked! The chef is less than thrilled about this kind of crap.