Frequently Asked Questions

*NOTE* This FAQ is out of date and incomplete. I’m in the long slow process of updating it. There will be a general FAQ and links to separate ones for specific topics / games -TFC

Q. What are your PC Specs?
A. Here’s all the gory details:

Case: Rosewill Thor V2 black full ATX
Motherboard: MSI Z87-G45 Gaming
CPU: Intel Core I7 4770
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212
PSU: Seasonic M12II-620Bronze
GPU: Nvidea EVGA GTX 560ti
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2 TB 2x Seagate 1TB
RAM: 16GB RAM (2x8GB Corsair Vengance DDR3.)
OS: Windows 7 Professional 64bit
Monitor: Dell 1n1920
Headset: Turtle Beach Earforce X12
Streaming Software:
Open Broadcast Software
Recording Software:
Open Broadcast Software
Editing Software: Sony Vegas Pro 8

Q. Are you going to overclock that?
A. I don’t know the first thing about overclocking and I’m not about to learn on my primary desktop machine.

Q: how did you get the name Tinfoil Chef?
A: when I started making videos in 2009 I was doing cooking videos and chose Tinfoil Chef as a sort of nod to “Iron Chef America”, a program on the food network that I used to watch a lot. Basically I knew that I was a long way from being an “Iron Chef” so “Tinfoil Chef” struck me as particularly appropriate. The name had a good ring to it so I kept it after moving away from cooking videos.

Q. What mods are you using in Kerbal Space Program?
A. This blog post contains a list of mods I’m using in KSP 0.25 0.90 In the seventh season of my KSP Lp entitled “The Long Season”.

Q: How old are you?
A: At then end of June 2015 I’ll be 56

Q. Will you sub4sub or box4box?
A. No. box4box and sub4sub does nothing but gain subscribers that are only doing it to get more subscribers themselves. This kind of subscriber is not interested in anybody’s videos. I would much rather have subscribers that actually want to watch my videos.

Q. Would you join my server?
A. Probably not. My first priority is making videos and that takes most of my time. You’re welcome to send me the server information but the odds are that I probably won’t have time to visit.

Q. Can I join your server?
A. No. Techcraft is long dead and there are no plans to revive it at this time

Q. Can I join the Hermitcraft FTB server?
A. No. Hermitcraft FTB is invitation ONLY

Q. Why don’t you use a “facecam” on your live streams?
A. There’s two reasons really. 1, I don’t have a webcam and 2, I don’t really see the point of a facecam. If you just want to see what I look like, check out my youtube vlog channel

Q. Will you use x texture pack?
A. NO.

Q. Why don’t you use texture packs?
A. Because I prefer the default look of Minecraft. Occasionally I’ll go so far as to edit the glass and doors textures but most of the time I can’t even be bothered to do that much.

Q. If you don’t use texture packs why are some of your blocks different?
A. Because I made a “Resource Pack” that uses the old alpha/beta cobble, moss stone and gravel, removes the thrice damned streaks from glass and includes some of the old sounds.

Q. where can I get this Resource pack?
A. Right here: just put the zip file in your minecraft/resourcepacks directory and then select it in-game *NOTE* this resource pack is WAY out of date and probably will NOT work right for any version beyond 1.7.10 I will be working on a new on as soon as possible but I guarantee it’ll take time. Be patient, *I want this pack more than anyone!

Q. What is the seed for your Minecraft World?
A. Let’s Play series seeds will remain private until the map is released to avoid spoilers. If you do know the seed, please note that I do NOT want spoilers.

Q. Will you give me a shoutout?
A. If you ask for it, NO. I will only give shoutouts to people I think deserve it and not very often at that. I won’t spam my subscribers just to gain a few views, likes or subs.

Q. Can I be a mod on your twitch chat?
A. No. I choose mods carefully and seldom. People who ask for the job are immediately disqualified for it.

Q. How can I contact you?
A. You can send a PM on youtube, via twitter or via the Tinfoilchef Facebook page. NOTE: I get a lot of messages and comments and while I do try to read them all I cannot possibly answer all of them. If I don’t answer you, please don’t take it personally. I have only so much time for messages.



Q. Will you check out my channel or video?
A. Probably not. I get entirely too many videos sent to me now and too many people asking me to look at their channels. I don’t have near enough time to look at even a small fraction of them. Besides which, most of these messages are nothing but spam.

***NOTE*** Youtube messages sent to me addressed to more than one person or that promote websites and so-called “services” where one can “buy” youtube views will be marked as spam and deleted.

Unsolicited messages sharing videos with me will also be marked as spam and deleted.