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Cheesecake Mission

Among the lesser known people of Nutjob Hills Julia has been standing out more and more lately. You see, she’s on a “mission” of sorts. Her goal is to get everybody she can to become avid fans of cheesecake. I understand that part of her reasoning is that cheesecake is the most nutritious of all […]

My first ‘Adventure’ With Sciatic Pain

(YTO2 159-207) Friday I moved wrong and suddenly my left leg felt like it was being torn off at the shoulder. When I said ‘184’ in the video I should have said ‘183’ [tags]sciatic pain, sciatic nerve, sciatic, twisted back, weather, warm, spring, thunderstrom, minecraft, 1.2, update, optifine, vlog, yto2, yto, orbit, tinfoilchefdotcom[/tags]