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WFRT News – Famous Rodent Reported Missing

(YTO2 187-179) Bob, the host of “Points of View” has not been seen for several months. Technorati Tags: yto2, sightings, missing, economy, tinfoilchefdotcom, hulk smash, bob, flatulence, humor, yto, hilarious, presidential campaign, wfrt news, news, obama, funny, vlog, orbit, bob sightings, hulk, tax, rumors, david banner, stock market, air tax

Busy And Tired

(YTO2 186-180) Well it was recorded on Thursday (at 10 minutes before midnight) . . . Technorati Tags: tinfoilchefdotcom, orbit, yto, video, production, writing, vlog, yto2, busy, video project, script writing, script


(YTO2 185-181) Making up for not getting Wednesday’s video out on Wednesday. It couldn’t be helped because I’ve been really busy with several things. I’m hoping to get enough done to do a much better video later when I actually get Thursdays’ video done ON Thursday. Technorati Tags: production, yto2, video project, busy, script, yto, […]

Chef Bob?

I recently heard yet another of the incredibly large number of rumors floating about concerning Bob (the opinionated, womanizing gerbil that’s the host of “Points of View”) and what he’s up to lately. According to this latest rumor he’s setting up shop in a new restaurant where he’s going to specialize in Italian cuisine. The […]

Can You Believe It? Another Good Day

(YTO2 184-182) Amazingly enough, today was a really good day with a fair bit of good news for a change. Minecraft -195- Looking For Trouble – And Cats Technorati Tags: busy, tinfoilchefdotcom, writing, weed eater, lawn mowing, lawn, yto2, vlog, orbit, yto

Coming Soon To WFRT News

The story of Bob’s disappearance and the frequent and often extremely odd rumors and “hot tips” about where he’s gone, what he’s doing, why he left in the first place, and more is going to very soon be breaking news on a series of WFRT News reports. Included will be a number of the unlikely […]