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A Water Solution

It’s literally that . . . well, partly.

Procedure Success

I’m back from the latest trip to the hospital. This time the Heart cath procedure was a total success with zero surprises.

Today’s Dr Visit

Today was the day to see my cardiologist. Things are looking mostly positive but there’s plenty of work still to do, including something that I am seriously NOT looking forward to.

Rest, Good News, And A Plan

If you wondered why I didn’t stream today I needed the rest. Got some great news in the weight loss department and I’ve got a plan I’m going to try

Back To The Stream Again

Before my recent “adventure” I was starting to get back into streaming. Today I’m getting back to getting back into streaming… today featuring the SkyExchange modded skyblock.

Recuperating & Getting Back To Stuff

Feeling a lot better, I’m going to be ramping up some video making and maybe even do some streaming next weekend.