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Too Big To Move

Getting the treadmill inside is going to be seriously NOT fun. The bloody thing is too effing big to move

Treadmill Arrival

The first bit of exercise with the treadmill is going to be getting it inside and put together!

Christmas Pizza!

For Christmas dinner some people have a turkey or even a goose, many will do a ham or roast beast. My traditional Christmas dinner is a Meat lover pizza with extra cheese!

New Exercise Bike Assembled

The exercise bike arrived today and I spent this afternoon and evening getting it assembled. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be recovered enough to try USING it!

A Sound Experiment

Last video people mentioned a high pitched sound in my audio. I’m testing a possible cure for that. Eliminating things like that is hard for me because due to tinnitus I literally can’t hear the sound you’re talking about

Checking Out Phone Video

Messing around with video recorded on the phone and as of this video I’m *still* looking for the settings for the audio sample rate