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Gonna Be A LONG Weekend

Living in a rural area really sucks the loudest when your car suddenly can’t be used and you need to go to the store. And NO, there’s nobody here I can ask for a ride. My remaining family lives much too far away.

Teeth And Gums Are The Gateway

You might not think so but your gums (as in where your teeth are mounted) and your teeth themselves are the gateway to the halls of pain. Treat them right or you WILL be sorry

It Begins Tomorrow

I’m going to be working on several videos today, not the least of which is the next episode of Journey To The FarLands which will be live tomorrow morning.

My Early Secret

There’s a secret to getting up early . . .

Day Off

Gotta bunch of IRL stuff to do today.

Power Question

I have to thank everybody for the questions you’ve been giving me lately and in response I have one for you!