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Starting Early

I’m getting an early start today. And yes, waking up at four AM is a thing that happens to me… frequently.

The Importance of A Good Filler

Something that I consider to be an important part of losing weight is a good filler. Something that you can eat that not only is low in calories but also leaves you feeling a satisfied level of full. This is because if you feel satisfied and “full”, you’ll be less likely to cheat and have […]

Missed A Day and Late Today

While I missed yesterday’s video, I did manage to have good calorie and weight numbers. The numbers for today are kind of mixed.

Back On The Weight Loss Trail

Feeling a lot better now as I get back to the effort to lose weight and yes, my “issues” cost me some of my recent progress but I’ll get it back.

Coffee Victory

Great news as it turns out that I was right, I did have enough for a new coffeemaker! The world is now slowly starting to think it makes at least a little bit of sense now that I have a hot, fresh brewed mug of coffee.

Bad Attitude Monday

Without going into details I don’t want to discuss, I ended up with a Real bad attitude yesterday and early today. One of the effects of this was to blow a hole 75 miles wide in the weight loss efforts. I *THINK* I’m doing better now … as long as I don’t go near a […]