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When Favorites Gross You Out

In trying to get back to losing weight and bringing blood sugar under control I of course resorted to some favorite solutions I have that work great and taste great. The only problem is I’ve already gotten to the point where I can’t stand the sight of it.

A Bleh Kinda Day

what started out as a pretty good day with the potential to get a lot done quickly turned out to not be quite so awesome as all that.

Gotta Stay Busy

Keeping busy is getting a lot of stuff done, a bunch of it way in advance.

Zombie Onions

A side effect of eating onions that I have not experienced before

7 Years and Rings

So seven years ago today I uploaded my first Minecraft video.

Onion Power

It’s time for the annual “awakening of the bugs” as insects crawl out of wherever they’ve been all winter. However this year I have a new weapon. Onions.