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A Fail & Busy

The fail lasted from mid afternoon until late at night, the busy was today.

The Road To 175 Starts Here

I have a goal to weigh in at 175 pounds. I Know full well it’s going to be a long road. It starts here.

A 79 Hour Test

Not only enjoying warmer weather but still having fun with Fallout 4 & Skyrim. Like doing a new save and playing it for over 79 hours just to try out a few ideas

When It’s So Good You Can’t Get Enough

Today has been an amazing day for coffee! It’s been so good that I’ve gone through 6 24oz (3 cup) mugs full of it!

To The Wasteland!

Back in late 2015 I started a series on the gaming channel and then in Dec of that year I ended up stopping because of a number of issues I was having at the time. The part I really regret is how long it has been since then. Today (2018-4-10) Fallout 4 returns to the […]

There Are NO Lights

Issues, distractions, aggravations and more are all over the place. Including some lights with burned out bulbs that I am not able to change because my left arm will probably always be broken.