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A Emerald Gem

When surfing the tides of fan fiction you find a lot of truly forgettable stuff and once in a while you find a true gem of a story.

Still Fighting

Still hanging in there staying smoke free, Sleeping a lot and trying to keep busy but the craving is sill so very real.

Interim Goal Reached

Well I got there. six consecutive days smoke free. Oh but the cravings are SO real

Close To An Interim Goal

I’m closer to reaching what I consider an important interim goal and I’m breaking all kinds of rules in the process.

The GottaHaveIt Issue

So you’re trying to lose weight, eating better, exercising, the whole bit. You’re doing great and then they hit you like a ton of bricks. The Cravings, and your brain is screaming “I Gotta Have This NOW!”. Worse yet, sometimes those cravings slam into each other and create new ideas to crave.

2020 Starts Here

The first day of the new year has been a good one. THAT is a trend I hope to see throughout the new year!!