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Sleepless Night Gone Right

After waking up sore all over I decided to play another poker tournament and I’m glad I did! –2017-17 Recorded 1-29-17 @6:21am

Interrupted Slow Progress

Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to get something done and you keep getting interrupted? Yeah, that’s the story of the last several days. –2017-15 Recorded 1-25-17 @9:25am

Slow Progress

Working mostly behind the scenes, I’m making progress (albeit slowly) toward a couple of goals. –2017-13 Recorded 1-22-17 @7:37pm

The Excrement Covered End

Some days, no matter how good they start out, can end up in the toilet faster than you can ask “what happened”?. –2017-10 Recorded 1-18-17 @10:19pm

What Would You Do With The Money?

If you were to win something huge like the Main Event, what is the first big spend you would do?. –2017-9 Recorded 1-17-17 @3:15pm

Two Great Ideas

I’ve got two fantasic ideas, one great product idea and another that’s probably more fun to think about than it is practical. –2017-7 Recorded 1-15-17 @1:08pm