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Lots Going On

In the last week or so I’ve been kinda on the busy side what with hitting my goal of 5,000 km flown by elytra on Hermitcraft before the end of season 4, getting ready for season 5 and working on a separate unrelated project. However it’s also been fun. –2017-46 Recorded 17-4-7 @8:46pm

Streams of Fun

The Livestream of F3ness happened earlier today. Coolness abounded and it was a fun time. near the end of the stream I found a suitably epic location and pressed F3 for the firs time since leaving spawn. It revealed that I had walked farther than I or anyone else had guessed. –2017-43 Recorded 17-3-25 @10:46pm

Thunderstorm Attack

Severe Thunderstorms passing through tried to take out my FTB Insanity save tonight!! Also, don’t forget the Livestream of F3ness coming on Sat March 25th at 3pm CDT –2017-42 Recorded 17-3-25 @00:10am

Fresh Vision

When you find yourself having a fresh vision of something that gets you excited about it the way you were back when you first started.. that’s super cool and it’s why I’ve been playing my single player Minecraft world .. “The First World”, so much recently. That world feels new again and it’s awesome! –2017-40 […]

Fun Distraction

Without exactly intending to do so I just took most of the last two days off and had a lot of fun doing it. –2017-27 Recorded 17-2-19 @8:09pm

Waking Up Angry Sucks

I woke up angry tonight because two alleged people from my past showed up in my dreams. Now I have to find a way to get them out of my mind so that I’ll be able to sleep without dreaming of them again. –2017-25 Recorded 17-2-15 @10:48pm