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Treasonous Bowels

When your innards betray you.

Back At It

My activity on this channel has been pretty much non-existant for over a month now. Time to get back to attempting daily videos!

Finally Feeling Better

After nearly a month of seasonal crap making me feel like crap, I think it’s finally over.

Danger Zone & Changes

In my efforts to quit smoking over the last several months I have all but ignored my weight. This has cost me and is a very real danger of it’s own that *MUST* take top priority! — 2018-85

Days Like Years

So far the plan is holding together. I’m currently 9 days 19 hours 32 minutes 28 seconds smoke free as of when I started recording this video . . . and I’ve hated every eternal second of it. — 2018-84

Another new plan

Determined not to give up, I’ve got another new plan. — 2018-83