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Not The Best Day

I’ve had far worse days this is true… but today is a long way from great

The Other Kind of Coffee Break

There’s the well known “Coffee Break” that is time honored and loved even by non-coffee drinkers and then there’s the other one

Dreams Interrupted

So you’re having a particularly good dream and just as it gets to the best part, you wake up.

Making A habit is Not Easy

We all know how hard it can be to break a habit but have you ever though how hard it can be to FORM a habit?

My Report on Eclipse 2017

I couldn’t pass up on the eclipse, especially since where I live, only a few hundred miles from the “path of totality”, was supposed to get 95% obscuration.

The Runway – Hermitcraft 5 Ep52

One of the things that I wanted from the start for this fort to have is a small regional airport with one runway . . . and working runway lights. Today sees the installation of the runway itself and redstone to make the lights work properly.