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Fun Distraction

Without exactly intending to do so I just took most of the last two days off and had a lot of fun doing it. –2017-27 Recorded 17-2-19 @8:09pm

Waking Up Angry Sucks

I woke up angry tonight because two alleged people from my past showed up in my dreams. Now I have to find a way to get them out of my mind so that I’ll be able to sleep without dreaming of them again. –2017-25 Recorded 17-2-15 @10:48pm

The Touch

it’s not been my day –2017-23 Recorded 17-2-10 @8:02pm

The Price of Going Overboard

Once in a while we all do this in one way or another. We go seriously overboard doing something that we KNOW we should not be doing. –2017-21 Recorded 17-2-7 @10:22pm

NotFun Ways To Start A Day

Don’t you hate it when an otherwise perfectly good day is shot all to hell practically before you get out of bed in the morning? That’s how today started for me. I’m so thrilled I could puke. In fact I actually did puke.. several times. –2017-18 Recorded 1-30-17 @7:35am

Sleepless Night Gone Right

After waking up sore all over I decided to play another poker tournament and I’m glad I did! –2017-17 Recorded 1-29-17 @6:21am