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A Breaking Wind

This particular breaking wind had little to do with something we might all giggle about. Rather this wind was strong, and caused a series of mini-power failures, one of which I am certain is the cause of part of my computer’s motherboard failing. This means two things… 1, I need a new motherboard and 2. […]

Experimenting With Limits

Given that I’ve had success at the current 50grams a day of carbs, I’m going to experiment with that limit just a bit.

First Milestone

I think my latest change is working. Today I reached the first milestone that proves weight loss is definitely happening.

Shifting Dietary Gears

I’m changing up my weight loss plan to some serious Low carb / high protien action.

Zombie Redirect – Hermitcraft 5 Ep78

Time to change things a bit and remove one of those ugly glass towers

Update Since The Weekend

Getting back in gear after a few days of . . . not feeling my absolute best.