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An Extraordinary Journey

An epic story that fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Stargate SG-1, and Battlestar Galactica will love.

Excremental Days

There’s good days, bad days and truly excremental days

A Long Day

This is me getting carbs, calories, and hopefully blood sugar under control for one day. In spite of being NOT recommended, I found that This tactic *DOES* work FOR ME…. but it makes for a very LONG day. I want a bag of burgers!

A Emerald Gem

When surfing the tides of fan fiction you find a lot of truly forgettable stuff and once in a while you find a true gem of a story.

Still Fighting

Still hanging in there staying smoke free, Sleeping a lot and trying to keep busy but the craving is sill so very real.

Interim Goal Reached

Well I got there. six consecutive days smoke free. Oh but the cravings are SO real