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The Wasted Potential Of Halloween

Having recently re-watched most of the Halloween movies I think that while it started out great, the franchise has a LOT of wasted potential and downright screwups.

When Hard Times Hit And You Can’t Do Anything About It

A family has run into some really hard times. If you’d like to help them click this link

When You Weigh So Much It Hurts

With my weight hitting 312 I reached the point where I just HAD to change something

Frustrating Aggravation

While I’m doing better staying smoke free, very nearly everything else is going wrong and I feel like total crap.

Burgers And Crossovers

Buying a bag of burgers may not be great for weight loss but at least it’s not a pack of smokes. Also a couple of fun crossover ideas.

Ginormous Truckload of Fail

The road to quitting smoking is a rough one, especially lately.