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When They’re Doing It All Wrong

When you watch LP videos of a favorite game that you know very well and the person doing it is causing you to facepalm every few minutes because of all the mistakes they’re making.

A Day Of Win

Today I’m claiming victory in at least four things!.

Hopes Threatened

I had a sorta plan. If it worked I would go into cold weather next fall with a full tank of heating fuel. Now it’s looking like that’s just not going to happen . . . again.

Really Slow Getting Started

So I’ve got this project on Hermitcraft and I had in mind a particular part of it I wanted to work on for today. I know what I want it to look like, but sometimes you have a lot of trouble translating the thing in your head to something out there in the world… that’s […]

Fixing A Failure Of Self Discipline

In a recent video I talked about getting some self discipline going in terms of the regularity of Vlogs . . . and then promptly failed to post regular vlogs. This needs to change NOW.

Shades in the Dark

While things aren’t getting worse, they’re not getting better either, thus I find myself sitting here in the dark wearing dark shades so I can stand to at least watch videos since I’ve reached the point where I’m “all slept out” and can’t sleep anymore.