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Days Like Years

So far the plan is holding together. I’m currently 9 days 19 hours 32 minutes 28 seconds smoke free as of when I started recording this video . . . and I’ve hated every eternal second of it. — 2018-84

Another new plan

Determined not to give up, I’ve got another new plan. — 2018-83


Something sent to me with a surprise or two — 2018-82

Thread of Hope

I’ve got a thread of hope… still only a thread but it’s better than how things were yesterday.

Disaster Strikes

This morning my desktop computer said “EFF U” to me in a big way.. it won’t boot and has spent the last 6 hours or so running CHKDSK. I am *SO* screwed. Happy birthday to me…. not. by the way, this video took 25 minutes to render. The desktop could have done it in 5.

Two Bits of News

In Spite of recent success I find that it is time, past time really, to start saving and scrounging money to get several things I need to repair my computer. Until that happens I will not be able to continue Fallout 4. The other bit of news is that This is day one of another […]