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Tier 3 EMC – TFC Modcraft ep31

Now that the bees are working and the expanded tank farm is being filled with honey, I’m adding more buildcraft power gen, doing some of the preliminary work to start autocrafting IC2 solar panels in bulk and taking the next step in EMC generation with a tier 3 power flower.

Bee Problems Solved – TFC Modcraft ep30

Remember how I thought I had bee problems solved? They weren’t. But They’re solved now for certain because I finally remembered that I had gone out of my way to get propolis production started and decided to start using it.

A Day Down The Rabbit Hole – TFC Modcraft ep29

Today was a fun day of going down rabbit holes. First in getting the bee automation perfected to where there are no more times when it just stops working for reasons I have to spent time figuring out, then in working out how to get Logistics pipes to auto craft things that have ingredients that […]

Tons of Honey – TFC Modcraft ep28

With bees automated I now need to automate processing the stuff they make and turning honey drops into tanks full of liquid honey.

Crystals and Bees – TFC Modcraft ep27

If this contraption is going to be useful I am going to need a LOT of tainted vis crystals to power it. I also need to get some automation in place for the bees

I’m gonna Science the Taint out of this – TFC Modcraft ep26

I’ve got an idea for a contraption that will remove taint but I’ll need to do more science to see how effective and how practical it is..