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Over 12,000 Taint – TFC Modcraft ep40

Things are working better as I tweak the machinery and begin some testing

The Purple Stain Begins – TFC Modcraft ep39

The experiment begins to yield visible results

Creating Taint – TFC Modcraft ep38

For the first phase of this project I want to build a contraption that will turn an area into tainted land

Some Thaumcraft Prep – TFC Modcraft ep37

Im getting ready for another round of Thaumcraft science, this time I want to CREATE a mess

Quantum Helm & Bees – TFC Modcraft ep35

Time for the first part of the Quantum suit! Also some breeding work with bees to solve a shortage

Biofuel & Automatic Dark Matter – TFC Modcraft ep34

Migrane = the reason this is over 30 hours late. Sorry all, could not be avoided and believe me, I tried.