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Crystals and Bees – TFC Modcraft ep27

If this contraption is going to be useful I am going to need a LOT of tainted vis crystals to power it. I also need to get some automation in place for the bees

I’m gonna Science the Taint out of this – TFC Modcraft ep26

I’ve got an idea for a contraption that will remove taint but I’ll need to do more science to see how effective and how practical it is..

Cleanup Testing – TFC Modcraft ep25

Testing some ways to combat the spread of taint. Recorded 17-3-12 8:29am.

More Oil – TFC Modcraft ep23

The return of yet another series that was put on hold because of me being sick for all of December. First thing I notice is that I’m out of Oil so it’s time to get more.. Recorded 17-2-21 4:34pm.

TFC Modcraft ep22 Mystcraft Exploration

After spending A LOT of frustrating time with the thaumcraft 2 research mechanic I decided it was time to explore some Mystcraft ages. Recorded 11-30-16 11:20pm.

TFC Modcraft ep21 Environment Cleanup

There is a LOT of tainted ground in the area that, when you consider that I’ve done almost nothing with thaumcraft so far, is more than a little disturbing. Time to get a way to clean that up and hopefully stop it from spreading. Recorded 11-18-16 8:49am.