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Putrified – TFC Modcraft ep44

The End is looking a little different these days (Note: This is the last episode of TFC Modcraft. After this, I’m going to pick up FBT Insanity where I left off and complete that.)

Tainting The End – TFC Modcraft ep43

Getting the taint machine running

Setting Up In The End – TFC Modcraft ep42

I’m getting set up in the end for the next step in my taint generation experiments. Why the end? Because there is SO many “Test Subjects” there!

Omega Powered Crystal Mining – TFC Modcraft ep41

After too many weeks of difficulties that nearly had me convinced that this world was beyond saving, I’m once again able to continue! Now that the overworld taint experiments are completed it’s time to tear down all that equipment and make some stuff to help me mine up more taint crystals that I’ll need for […]

Over 12,000 Taint – TFC Modcraft ep40

Things are working better as I tweak the machinery and begin some testing

The Purple Stain Begins – TFC Modcraft ep39

The experiment begins to yield visible results