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Cleanup Testing – TFC Modcraft ep25

Testing some ways to combat the spread of taint. Recorded 17-3-12 8:29am.

More Oil – TFC Modcraft ep23

The return of yet another series that was put on hold because of me being sick for all of December. First thing I notice is that I’m out of Oil so it’s time to get more.. Recorded 17-2-21 4:34pm.

TFC Modcraft ep22 Mystcraft Exploration

After spending A LOT of frustrating time with the thaumcraft 2 research mechanic I decided it was time to explore some Mystcraft ages. Recorded 11-30-16 11:20pm.

TFC Modcraft ep21 Environment Cleanup

There is a LOT of tainted ground in the area that, when you consider that I’ve done almost nothing with thaumcraft so far, is more than a little disturbing. Time to get a way to clean that up and hopefully stop it from spreading. Recorded 11-18-16 8:49am.

TFC Modcraft ep20 Improved Flight

When it comes to flight the industrialcraft jetpack, while certainly better than walking, runs out of charge too quicly and is not even close to stable flight. Time to make something that will give me much better flight. Recorded 11-1-16 11:49pm

TFC Modcraft ep19 Volcano Base Start

After upgrading some power I head off to get a start on bees. While I’m out getting things I need I find something that makes me want to start thaumcraft right away. Recorded 10-27-16 12:31am.