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Greenhouse Expansion – Stationeers Ep11

Expanding the greenhouse and fixing a small problem with the way I set up it’s airlock.

Arc Furnace Gas Capture – Stationeers Ep10

building an early gas capture setup for the arc furnace.

Solder And APC’s – Stationeers Ep9

Making solder, working out better use of APC’s to isolate circuits, plans for Arc furnace gas capture..

Recirculation – Stationeers Ep8

Having finally gotten the thermostat working right, I’m moving on to recirculating the air in the Hydroponics room so that everything that isn’t C02 is filtered out.

Thermostat – Stationeers Ep7

In which I try (and mostly fail) to get a thermostat circuit working so I don’t have to keep babysitting temperatures in the hydroponics room. So far I can get it to turn on but it won’t turn off.

Early Filtering Start – Stationeers Ep6

Now that food isn’t such a pressing issue, I’m starting work on gas filtration & storage, including automatic maintaining CO2 pressure in the greenhouse. It’s all VERY bare bones but it’s a start.