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Thermostat – Stationeers Ep7

In which I try (and mostly fail) to get a thermostat circuit working so I don’t have to keep babysitting temperatures in the hydroponics room. So far I can get it to turn on but it won’t turn off.

Early Filtering Start – Stationeers Ep6

Now that food isn’t such a pressing issue, I’m starting work on gas filtration & storage, including automatic maintaining CO2 pressure in the greenhouse. It’s all VERY bare bones but it’s a start.

More Production – Stationeers Ep5

A few tweaks to increase food production, get the cooler working and start laying out the beginnings of gas filtration and storage..

First Plants – Stationeers Ep4

I actually get the greenhouse done enough to start growing wheat that I can use to make cereal bars.

Greenhouse Stuffs – Stationeers Ep3

Getting the structure of the greenhouse in place and an airlock entry to it.

Steel – Stationeers Ep2

The next step toward growing food is a stable power supply and frames that are more economical to make. For both of those (and a bunch of other things) I need to make steel.