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Black Book & Taproot – TFC Plays Skyrim ep141

Another black book acquired and the wizard’s house is rotting

Ahzidal – TFC Plays Skyrim ep140

finally getting to the big bad at the bottom of this barrow that Ralis has been digging out.

Ralis’s Trouble – TFC Plays Skyrim ep139

The wizard tries an experiment on me and Ralis is having more trouble at the dig.

Heartstones & Draugr – TFC Plays Skyrim ep138

Checking in with the wizard looking for more black book quests I find myself running errands.

Albino Spiders – TFC Plays Skyrim ep137

After running into some kind of bug in enchanting I’m back to Solstheim to find that the wizard has found another black book. . . . and it’s in a cave full of weird little albino spiders

Deathbrand – TFC Plays Skyrim ep136

Recently, after reading a book I got in Solstheim, a new entry showed up in misc quests to find the armor of Haknir Death-brand. Time to go get it.