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A Great Prize – TFC Plays Skyrim ep129

Exploring the black book I found near the end of last episode and this one had what I think is one of the best prizes of all of them.

Wizardly Things – TFC Plays Skyrim ep128

That Telvani wizard has ways to find more of the black books. Time to investigate that which of course, means getting involved in various favor & “fix this” quests.

Served Cold – TFC Plays Skyrim ep127

Somebody’s out to serve that famous dish to one of the local officials.

Undead Ash – TFC Plays Skyrim ep126

Apparently Solstheim has a problem with odd undead critters made of ash.

A Buggy Blade – TFC Plays Skyrim ep125

Finishing up the quest in the mine proved to be a problem because of a bug.

Secret Of The Mine – TFC Plays Skyrim ep124

Coming back to Raven Rock from unloading stuff in Skyrim I get a little side tracked and end up delving into ancient ruins that some miners found 200 years earlier.