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A Lotta Work For A Book – TFC Plays Skyrim ep121

The Dwemmer truly did build for the ages. Too bad they didn’t include self repairing system. Then I wouldn’t have to delve through their ruins to fix their ancient machines just so I can get hold of a book.

A Wizard And Ruins – TFC Plays Skyrim ep120

It almost wouldn’t be a Skyrim adventure without at least one trip into an ancient dwarven ruin along the way. Extra points for having a snooty Telvani wizard along giving directions.

The Skaal and Hairless Ewoks – TFC Plays Skyrim ep119

After the black book I’m off to the Skaal village to find out more. Afterword, I run into these little critters that look for all the world like hairless Ewoks.

About This Miraak Idiot – TFC Plays Skyrim ep118

Those cultists that rant and rave about Miraak and attack me every once in a while have been doing so since episode 6. It’s time to hunt down Miraak and let him know just how much I appreciate this.

Black Star – TFC Plays Skyrim ep116

So it seems there’s this really special, reusable, soul gem. Sounds handy to me.

ProudSpire – TFC Plays Skyrim ep115

After getting some stuff done the new house is a thing . . . and dusty.