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Into The Soul Cairn – TFC Plays Skyrim ep93

Heading into the Soul Cairn, which seems to be a great place to farm soul gems.

Finding Mom’s Hideout – TFC Plays Skyrim ep92

Serana’s mother has something we need. To get it we have to find her.

Mothman Found – TFC Plays Skyrim ep91

Well, we found the moth priest.

Chasing A Prophecy – TFC Plays Skyrim ep90

Serana did something that normally wouldn’t be expected of a vampire . . . she showed up at Fort Dawngard. Seems there’s a prophecy that her father (the loser Harkon) is trying to fulfill. I’ve got to find out more about it and it seems I’m going to have help.

Unexpected Turn – TFC Plays Skyrim ep89

Heading off to find Gunmar & Sorine, Slayer of Dummies is unaware of something you and I noticed recently…. that he has contracted Sanginare Vampiris. *Note* In over 800 hours of playing Skyrim that was the FIRST time that I’ve had a character catch that disease while fighting a vampire!

Serana – TFC Plays Skyrim ep88

So I get through Dimhollow crypt to find a woman that’s been imprisoned there for what must be at least a thousand years. Next thing I know I’m on the way to meet her family.