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Finishing Ancient Tech – TFC Plays Skyrim ep103

Doing the LAST of the Ancient Tech quests and then it’s time to make a new crossbow, try out the fancy new bolts and get ready to tend to some unfinished business.

More Ancient Tech – TFC Plays Skyrim ep102

Still working on the dawnguard sidequests for Sorine.

Ancient Technology – TFC Plays Skyrim ep101

Time to start working on the dawnguard sidequests for Sorine because I want the upgraded crossbow tech.

Finding Florentius – TFC Plays Skyrim ep100

Last business with Septimus & Selling an Elder Scroll. Meanwhile back at ft Dawnguard, Sorine thinks we need somebody to help out (never mind that harkon & company are already toast), and guess who gets to go find a guy that turns out to be almost as crazy as Septimus.

Kindred Judgement – TFC Plays Skyrim ep99

Time for the big showdown with Harkon. *Note* this is the last of the pre-recorded episodes, It’ll take me a few days to get more made.

The Arch Curate – TFC Plays Skyrim ep98

Found him.