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Ildari’s Fate – TFC Plays Skyrim ep147

Somebody’s out to get the wizard. Not exactly a shocking surprise but finding & stopping them is my job.

BriarHeart Necropsy – TFC Plays Skyrim ep146

The wizard wants to know how the Forsworn make a Briarheart so I get to take one apart to find out.

Return To Blackreach – TFC Plays Skyrim ep145

One of the quests that’s been hanging there for a long time is the one about 30 crimson narnroot. So I’m off to Blackreach to hunt them up.

Vahlok’s Tomb – TFC Plays Skyrim ep144

After a quick stop at the wizard, I’m off to Vahlok’s Tomb to meet the tourist from last episode.

The Only Good Thalmor – TFC Plays Skyrim ep143

Friday & Wednesday are now Skyrim days! Slayer of Dummies is back! Now, about those Thalmor . . .

A Steward & A Black Book – TFC Plays Skyrim ep142

The wizard’s steward turns up dead and I get access to the black book in that locked room of his.