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Deathbrand – TFC Plays Skyrim ep136

Recently, after reading a book I got in Solstheim, a new entry showed up in misc quests to find the armor of Haknir Death-brand. Time to go get it.

Missing Trophies – TFC Plays Skyrim ep135

Seems that some trophies that should be in the shelves by the Guildmaster’s desk in the thieves guild aren’t there. Time to go find ’em.

Crown From The Stones – TFC Plays Skyrim ep134

Time to get the last two stones of Barenziah. Then there’s the crown they go in . . .

Two Dungeons Two Stones – TFC Plays Skyrim ep133

Getting the 21st & 22nd of the stones of Barenziah.

Four More Stones – TFC Plays Skyrim ep132

Getting four more of the stones of Barenziah.

No Stone Unturned – TFC Plays Skyrim ep131

Those stones of Barenziah have been cluttering my inventory for long enough. Time to go hunt down the rest of them and finish that one once and for all.