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Kindred Judgement – TFC Plays Skyrim ep99

Time for the big showdown with Harkon. *Note* this is the last of the pre-recorded episodes, It’ll take me a few days to get more made.

The Arch Curate – TFC Plays Skyrim ep98

Found him.

Forgotten Vale – TFC Plays Skyrim ep97

Still on the trail, this time through the forgotten vale…. which isn’t quite so forgotten anymore is it?.

Darkfall Passage – TFC Plays Skyrim ep96

On the trail to get Auriel’s bow. Of course you knew there just had to be a long dark cave just chock full of falmer in there somewhere right?.

Moth Adventure – TFC Plays Skyrim ep95

Now that I’ve got the Third Elder Scroll needed I’ve got to go through this involved routine to read it. Funny that with the dragon scroll all I needed to do was read it.

A Third Elder Scroll – TFC Plays Skyrim ep94

Finishing up in the Soul Cairn (for now, I really do need to go back sometime) Obtaining the Third Elder Scroll needed to get the last key to this prophecy, the location of Auriel’s Bow.