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In Search Of An Elder Scroll – TFC Plays Skyrim ep72

One more talk with Argnier and then I’m off to find an Elder Scroll. Next I’m hunting for a guy that turns out to be a total loon who gives me a clue that I need to go through Alftand.

Conversation With A Dragon – TFC Plays Skyrim ep71

After a LOT of interference by wolves, saber cats, bandits, forsworn, thalmor and a couple of dragons, I finally arrive at Karthspire. From there I’m off to the greybeards and a meeting with Parthurnax.

Finding a Cornered Rat – TFC Plays Skyrim ep70

Returning to Riften to search the ratways to find Esbern, get him back to Riverwood, and then head off to find the ancient headquarters of the Blades.

Fun With Thalmor – TFC Plays Skyrim ep69

Returning to the main questline I’m off to meet Delphine in Riverwood. She’s got a plan to get me into the Thalmor embassy to find out what they know about dragons. (seriously, that woman is whacko, sees thalmor behind every plot…. I mean, the Thalmor are complete and total arses for sure, but they’re not […]

Enchanting For Better Potions – TFC Plays Skyrim ep68

I think it’s past time to do something about improving my potion making skills.

Serious About Continuing – TFC Plays Skyrim ep66

I have NO idea how I managed to go this long without a new episode but Skyrim is BACK! The leader of the Companions needs the head of a Glenmoril witch to free himself from being a werewolf.