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About This Miraak Idiot – TFC Plays Skyrim ep118

Those cultists that rant and rave about Miraak and attack me every once in a while have been doing so since episode 6. It’s time to hunt down Miraak and let him know just how much I appreciate this.

Black Star – TFC Plays Skyrim ep116

So it seems there’s this really special, reusable, soul gem. Sounds handy to me.

ProudSpire – TFC Plays Skyrim ep115

After getting some stuff done the new house is a thing . . . and dusty.

Off To Buy Another House – TFC Plays Skyrim ep114

So much for the idea that buying a house meant talking to the right person and saying “I’ve got money, sell me the house.” would be enough. I heard real-estate business was rough but really, this is over the top.

Deja Vu In Nchuand-Zel – TFC Plays Skyrim ep113

I could have sworn that I had been here before and it turned out I had . . . way back in episode 53 with Lydia and Vixen… yet you couldn’t tell by all the stuff that is still there. and I know for a fact that this place does not respawn.

Like Shooting Ghosts in a Cave – TFC Plays Skyrim ep112

Reforging the amulet sounds like it would be something simple doesn’t it?