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Korvanjund – TFC Plays Skyrim ep159

The civil war rages on as I try to get something important before the Stormcloaks do.

Getting Involved – TFC Plays Skyrim ep158

I have avoided all the civil war nonsense until now. Time to get it done with.

The Craziest Daedra – TFC Plays Skyrim ep157

In Solitude there’s a whackjob that walks around town talking to himself. Turns out he’s connected with a Daedra and that Daedra is the biggest whackadoo in the nine realms.

The Sleazy Lizard – TFC Plays Skyrim ep154

There’s an annoying lizard that’s been pestering me since the first time I went to Solitude. Time to see what his deal is.

Potema’s End – TFC Plays Skyrim ep153

They say you can’t keep an undead wolf queen down. I say you can.

Thane Again – TFC Plays Skyrim ep151

After finishing off the vampire lair I hang around Falkreath doing more favor quests and get appointed Thane. Also: I’ll be doing an FAQ soon on my Vlog channel FAQ Coming soon-ish