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Dawnguard – TFC Plays Skyrim ep87

At the end of the last episode I talked with the cheezeball that’s been hanging out near Breezehome since episode 15. Turns out he’s recruiting for the Dawnguard and I’m off to check out this Fort Dawnguard (name of the place is kinda redundant don’t you think?).

Clearing up Small stuff – TFC Plays Skyrim ep86

I realize that I’ll probably never actually clear out the misc quests section but I want to try to keep it down to not having a scroll bar. To that end I’ve got two more that I got recently and a couple of very old ones that I want to clear out before moving on […]

Avanchnzel – TFC Plays Skyrim ep85

Quite a while back I ran into a somewhat crazed argonian and ended up with a lexicon that I have to return to a Dwarven ruin. Time to get that done and off my list.

Final Purity Quest – TFC Plays Skyrim ep84

One last time to Ysgrammor’s tomb. (this would have been part of ep83 but that had already gotten too long)

Of Hairballs and Purity – TFC Plays Skyrim ep83

Back to the Companions for a couple of things. It seems that “Hairy” (Hircine) has lost some of his toys. There’s also the matter of a couple of them that don’t really want to be werewolves anymore.

The Assassin of Old – TFC Plays Skyrim ep82

A long time back I received a reading from Olava the feeble, she told me of a treasure that belonged to the Assassin of old. It’s another long overdue quest to go get it.