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Days of Slow Stuff – TFC Plays Skyrim ep164

I’ve reached a point where I need to take some time not recording Skyrim. I am *NOT* done with it but there is a lot of stuff of the “off camera” flavor that needs doing (and could take me IRL months to get around to all of it). Therefore Skyrim is going on hiatus. Meanwhile, […]

The Battle of Windhelm – TFC Plays Skyrim ep163

The entire civil war and Ulfric’s delusion finally draws to a conclusion.

Winterhold & The Reach – TFC Plays Skyrim ep162

With these two battles done the Stormcloaks are squarely on the defensive

Reunification Begins – TFC Plays Skyrim ep161

The battle to squash Ulfric’s rebellion gets started with a fort not far from Dawnstar.

Battle of Whiterun – TFC Plays Skyrim ep160

Things get real as the party starts at the gates of Whiterun. (note, I really did mean to bring Durnehviir but got caught up in stuff and forgot.

Korvanjund – TFC Plays Skyrim ep159

The civil war rages on as I try to get something important before the Stormcloaks do.