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Eternal Lava – TFC’s Minecraft Adventure Ep342

After getting started on some preparations for a forward move, I take time out to test something and discover lava that lasts forever. Recorded 17-3-5 @4:30pm &8:47am

Baaaaad Result – TFC’s Minecraft Adventure Ep341

Finishing up the Wool Mart automation and things didn’t *quite* work out how I thought they would. Recorded 17-2-27 @8:50am

Modernizing Wool Mart – TFC’s Minecraft Adventure Ep340

Leaving the Lakeside Mall building issue for now I’m off to update a really old wool farm with just a bit of automation. Recorded 17-2-22 @11:24pm

Crafting All The Iron – TFC’s Minecraft Adventure Ep339

I’ve already got a silly amount of iron and I’m collecting more. Plus I’m having issues with a design for the outer shell of the villager trading mall (aside from them glitching out of their cells). Recorded 17-2-14 @8:22am

TFC’s Minecraft Adventure Ep338 Track Support

After an embarrassingly long time trying to solve problems with villagers glitching out of containment, I’ve finally figured out that I need to do something else for a while. Recorded 10-17-16 @5:04am

TFC’s Minecraft Adventure Ep337 Villager Delivery

The trading center being functionally complete, it’s time to arrange transportation of villagers. As usual when dealing with those idiots, complications happen. Recorded 6-21-16 @10:20pm