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Fishing Cabin – TFC’s Minecraft Adventure Ep346

I have never done much fishing in Minecraft but since it’s a good way to get Mending books I think that a nice little fishing cabin on the lake sounds like a great idea.. Recorded 17-3-19 @12:25pm

Forward Motion – TFC’s Minecraft Adventure Ep345

It’s been a long time coming. When I held this world back from Release 1.8 I never intended for it to stay in 1.7.10 forever. It is finally time to begin the move forward. Recorded 17-3-17 @6:58am (took most of the day because heights over the void requires a LOT of breaks)

New NetherTrack – TFC’s Minecraft Adventure Ep344

I’ve wanted a nethertrack out to the horse ranch for quite a while now so it’s time to stop wanting and start building! Recorded 17-3-11 @7:25pm

All The Old Bases – TFC’s Minecraft Adventure Ep343

As part of the preparation for moving forward I am visiting my old bases to make sure they’re ready and to get a lite overview of some things I want to get done in the future. Recorded 17-3-10 @9:22am Also!! I’ve made an updated world map!! Satellite views of “The First World”

Eternal Lava – TFC’s Minecraft Adventure Ep342

After getting started on some preparations for a forward move, I take time out to test something and discover lava that lasts forever. Recorded 17-3-5 @4:30pm &8:47am

Baaaaad Result – TFC’s Minecraft Adventure Ep341

Finishing up the Wool Mart automation and things didn’t *quite* work out how I thought they would. Recorded 17-2-27 @8:50am