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Error – TFC’s Minecraft Adventure Ep370

After fighting through tons of motion sickness I discover a critical error

Installing Villagers – TFC’s Minecraft Adventure Ep369

The next step in Titan construction is installing the villagers. This is a job I wish I could farm out to somebody else and if this was not a single player world I would

Titan Framework – TFC’s Minecraft Adventure Ep368

I’m finally getting to the building of the framework of the Iron Titan. Lots of nerve wracking high altitude work and repeating “Shift don’t fail me now”

Applying A Fix In Advance – TFC’s Minecraft Adventure Ep367

When MC 1.9 came out Tango released a video that contained a fix for the mechanism that kicks poppies through the portal to keep the spawn chunks loaded. It makes sense that I apply that fix now, Before starting work on the Titan itself. Then I’m off to gather some more logs.

Preparing For A Titan – TFC’s Minecraft Adventure Ep366

The Iron Foundry was a great iron farm back in it’s day but now it no longer works and it’s time to clear the way for it’s replacement, the Iron Titan.

Sorter Lighting – TFC’s Minecraft Adventure Ep365

After finishing the walls & roof I’m working on the lighting and that brings to mind two more large-ish projects that I want to do very soon.