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Of Stairs & Stables – TFC’s Minecraft Adventure Ep356

Stepping away from the basement for a bit to address the issue of stairs and then design of a barn / stable, with regrets that Vanilla Minecraft didn’t take a page from Modded and do much better breeding

A Pattern Takes Hold – TFC’s Minecraft Adventure Ep355

The basement design begins to take shape as I work out some basic patterns.

Basement Design – TFC’s Minecraft Adventure Ep354

Working out basement design for the ranch house. Also considering a change in the foundation material.

Seven Years & Still Here – TFC’s Minecraft Adventure Ep353

With today being the seventh anniversary I’ve decided to go back to my Minecraft roots … and attempt a schedule-like thing in making this series an every Saturday thing. First up, I’ve got to re-familiarize myself with the unfinished projects in this world (and there’s a lot of them!)

Breeder Finished and Auto Reeds – TFC’s Minecraft Adventure Ep352

With the breeder finally confirmed working after several hours of testing, It’s time for an automated reed farm to supply the large quantities of paper that I anticipate needing in the mall with all those librarians. Recorded 17-5-10 @11:34am

Another Redesign – TFC’s Minecraft Adventure Ep351

determined to somehow make this thing work, I’ve done some redesign, adding more opportunities for the young villagers to take that swim. Recorded 17-5-7 @5:36am