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First Full Orbit – KSP Manifest Destiny Ep06

So I’ve made a lot of cash for the budget with a ton of sub orbital tourism flights and will be doing a LOT more but in the meantime that all important first full orbit is overdue.

Upgrades & New Taxi – KSP Manifest Destiny Ep05

Time for several upgrades around the space center and then a 2nd generation Taxi to increase profits from sub orbital tourism flights.

SubOrbital Tourism – KSP Manifest Destiny Ep04

No more ‘simulating’, it’s time for expensive joyrides.

It’s A Simulation Honest – KSP Manifest Destiny Ep03

Really, It’s a simulation. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Early Science – KSP Manifest Destiny Ep02

Working on getting that all important early science collected and my years away from the game are showing badly

Starting Small – KSP Manifest Destiny Ep01

It’s been almost six years since I’ve done anything with Kerbal Space Program. In fact I don’t honestly remember why I stopped playing it. That said, now that I’m recovering from the last year of medical difficulties I’ve decided to get it out again and see what I can do with it.