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Shopping & Stuffs – Hermitcraft 6 Ep37

wow… actually feeling better for a change!

Brief Update – Hermitcraft 6 Ep36

I’ve not been up to doing nearly as much as I wanted to lately.

Park Progress – Hermitcraft 6 Ep35

The common area continues to shape up into something.

Underground River – Hermitcraft 6 Ep34

Vault 6 construction gets a water feature by “finding” an underground river during construction and incorporating it into the vault common area.

Potion Quest – Hermitcraft 6 Ep33

Going on a bit of a quest to find something.

Enchanting, Shopping & Growing – Hermitcraft 6 Ep32

Finally getting finished with most of the enchanting, Taking a look through the shopping district for potions and blaze rods and growing more stuff. *I know I’m still not at my best for this video but I’ve got to do SOMETHING*