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Tests And Irritation

A few tests is simple… right? Nope. Not even close.

Early Mine Design – Hermitcraft 7 Ep7

So once again I’m off to the mall island looking for stuff, then I’m starting to work out what I want the main corridor of my branch mine to look like.

More Shopping and Goodies – Hermitcraft 7 Ep6

More shopping. Also, Keralis is very cool! oh yeah, it turned out my mic was OFF while recording the 1st clip so I just sped it up because re-recording was not an option

Shopping & Flying – Hermitcraft 7 Ep5

Back to the shopping district, this time to buy. And to prove that I’m WAY out of practice flying!

Guess Who’s Home.veg – Hermitcraft 7 Ep4

I’ve been gone for WAY too long.

A Shaky Return – Hermitcraft 7 Ep3

While I am definitely not all the way back because health issues must take priority, I’m back enough to start working on a few videos. I’ve really needed this.