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Ladder Elytra Launcher! Hermitcraft 4 Ep112

I have come up with an ideal Elytra launcher to install at the caretaker’s house that I think is a lot more reliable than the cobweb launcher then I stop by The Diamond to check out a gift from Rendog. — Recorded 17-2-20 @5:13am.

Cartaker’s House Hermitcraft 4 Ep111

I’m starting work at the Hall of Patrons building the long overdue caretaker’s house. — Recorded 17-2-18 @12:14pm.

Hall Office Hermitcraft 4 Ep110

In the spirit of trying to complete projects that have gone unfinshed for too long I’m starting work at the Hall of Patrons on something that I meant to get done there long ago. — Recorded 17-2-13 @12:38pm

Mining For Completion Hermitcraft 4 Ep108

Because I have had a habit in the past of starting large projects and not getting them finished I have decided to start a huge push to complete the diamond block part of The Diamond. This is what I’ve been doing for the last several days. That and chasing down a solution to a problem […]

Taller DNA Hermitcraft 4 Ep107

The DNA strand gets taller. Also I’ve worked out a way to do a faster speedup than 4x and compress 29 minutes of building into just over 3 minutes! — Recorded 1-14-17 @6:44am.

DNA Update Hermitcraft 4 Ep106

After a lot of “Do-Overs” I’ve made some progress on that bit of DNA — Recorded 1-12-17 @5:33am