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Buying In – Hermitcraft 6 Ep113

More kitchen renovations and it seems there’s a new game in town.

A Kitchen-Like Place – Hermitcraft 6 Ep112

Back in the vault to take a look at things left incomplete or just not quite right. The first of which is the kitchen facility.

Tunnel & Hippy Mystery – Hermitcraft 6 Ep111

Not surprisingly I missed some things including a super secret tunnel. Not only that but the shrooms are missing

Secret Hippy Underground and New New Hermitville – Hermitcraft 6 Ep110

It turns out that the Hippy camp has a secret that needs to be checked out and then I’m off to New New Hermitville

Falsewell, Area 77, and Hippies – Hermitcraft 6 Ep109

To the north of HermitLand there is still more to check out in Falsewell, Area 77, and the Hippy camp

More HermitLand – Hermitcraft 6 Ep108

Back to HermitLand because of course I couldn’t possibly have seen it all.