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Shameful Thing At Least Works – Hermitcraft 8 Ep10

I’ve never been a genius at redstone but I’ve *always* been better than the trouble I’ve had with *THIS* abomination. But at least this moronic tree farm thing that should have been finished in one episode is done and at least the stupid thing works.

How To Utterly Fail Redstone – Hermitcraft 8 Ep9

It takes SKILL I tell ya! Skill to fail this hard after this many years.

Back to Boatem – Hermitcraft 8 Ep8

Thanks to comments last time, I got it right this time. Well, Mostly.

Failing at Shopping – Hermitcraft 8 Ep7

A simple shopping trip to get a couple of things. What could go wrong?

Issues and Trees – Hermitcraft 8 Ep6

working on stuff

DerpShopping – Hermitcraft 8 Ep5

Visiting a new store