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Variation and New Schedule – Hermitcraft 5 Ep18

I’ve got an idea for a way to not only expand the reed farm machine, but also get it to grow melons and pumpkins. Also, talking about a change in video upload schedule.

Nether & Automatic Reeds – Hermitcraft 5 Ep17

I’ve actually been putting this off but it’s time to build a portal and head into the nether to find some quartz and glowstone. Of course, things don’t go as expected. Then it’s time to automate reeds.

The Big Dig & Mossy Wall – Hermitcraft 5 Ep16

Doing some digging in the community build and another feature for the wall / tower.

Refining the Wall – Hermitcraft 5 Ep15

The wall still needs some design refinements before I built much more of it.

Southwest Turret – Hermitcraft 5 Ep14

Taking a break from the villager nonsense I’m starting work on the wall and the Southwest Turret.

Loading The Trading Hall – Hermitcraft 5 Ep13

Out of control breeding stopped and villagers moved into their permanent trading cells