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Back To The Wall – Hermitcraft 5 Ep73

Getting back to some work on the Fort Wall

Eggxactly Fixed – Hermitcraft 5 Ep72

After a round of no mic audio I’ve finally gotten the filter system working right with the eggs going through it

Redstone Fail Machine – Hermitcraft 5 Ep71

While working on expanding my filtering setup under the farm to include chicken products, I manages to create a redstone powered fail machine and it works perfectly!

Nether Access Fixed – Hermitcraft 5 Ep70

Some time ago I built a nether portal and it connected to somebody elses. It’s time I got my portal working, I’m going to need it.

Farm Auto Sort – Hermitcraft 5 Ep69

Adding in a quick & dirty auto sorting arrangement

New Farm – Hermitcraft 5 Ep68

The next part of moving stuff underground is getting the crop farm moved and in the process I manage to make n00b mistakes about things that I so totally know better because I’ve built this several times before.