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Farming & Landscaping – Hermitcraft 5 Ep23

Time to get some farming started and then get a start on the landscaping that needs to be done before the East wall can proceed.

The Tour – Hermitcraft 5 Ep22

Welsknight came by for a tour of the fort.

The SouthEast Tower – Hermitcraft 5 Ep21

Finally getting the fort wall extended and the SouthEast tower built. Sorry it’s been so long but this took a LOT longer than I expected!

More Dragons! with Biffa, Wellsknight and Xisuma – Hermitcraft 5 Ep20

Given the opportunity I just had to take a stab at revenge so I joined up with Biffa, Wellsknight and Xisuma for another adventure in the end.

Rolling My Own – Hermitcraft 5 Ep19

Having realized that my first attempt to add pumpkin / melon to the reed farm was a total fail, I continue working on “rolling my own”. yes, there are plenty of better ones out there, I just wanted to throw something together myself until I’m ready to build one of them.

Variation and New Schedule – Hermitcraft 5 Ep18

I’ve got an idea for a way to not only expand the reed farm machine, but also get it to grow melons and pumpkins. Also, talking about a change in video upload schedule.