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Loading The Trading Hall – Hermitcraft 5 Ep13

Out of control breeding stopped and villagers moved into their permanent trading cells

Villager Victory – Hermitcraft 5 Ep11

Villager operations are showing signs of success but there is still a LOT to do.

Villagers and Derps – Hermitcraft 5 Ep10

Villagers. I blame them for every wrong thing ever. It’s ALL their fault.

Breeder – Hermitcraft 5 Ep9

Fishing is too annoying, slow, and random. Time for a villager breeder that will eventually get me librarians with mending book trades.

Perimeter – Hermitcraft 5 Ep8

getting the perimeter planned out. Also dogs.

Plans – Hermitcraft 5 Ep7

Some final touches on the cabin by the ocean and a look into the beginnings of my plans for this area