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Redstone Roofing – Hermitcraft 4 Ep119

I spent some time in a test world and that has given me the roofing solution I needed. Time to get that thing done once and for all before moving on to the yard. — Recorded 17-3-22 @4:51pm.

Roofing Choices – Hermitcraft 4 Ep118

Finishing up the kitchen and getting on to solving the roofing. — Recorded 17-3-19 @5:59am.

Tiny Kitchen – Hermitcraft 4 Ep117

Getting around to the kitchen which, even after expanding the house, is still really small. — Recorded 17-3-15 @3:50pm.

House Progress – Hermitcraft 4 Ep116

Thanks to some great suggestions the caretaker’s house is starting to shape up nicely. — Recorded 17-3-11 @3:18am.

Fluorescent Lighting – Hermitcraft 4 Ep115

I actually found a hermitron pack. I also have what I think will be a good idea for lighting in the caretaker’s house. — Recorded 17-3-7 @7:19am.

Hermitrons – Hermitcraft 4 Ep113

It’s time to visit the Hermitron Hall and see what this Hermitron thing is all about. — Recorded 17-2-25 @8:16am.