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Ugly Little Tree Farm – Hermitcraft 9 Ep3

Yeah, it really is kinda ugly.

Interruptus Sickus – Hermitcraft 9 Ep2

Just when things are looking up, you start throwing up.

Chaotic Start – Hermitcraft 9 Ep1

Starting Season Nine! Chaos ensues.

Awsomness That Hermitcraft Viewers Did Most Of

Every single subscriber had a part in this. I just know that most of them are Hermitcraft fans. Still, my sincere thanks go out to ALL of you!! You people did this!!

Hermitcraft 8 Thingz

A bit of a post-season thing

Some Progress – Hermitcraft 8 Ep15

Yep, last time you saw how horrible I am at Minecraft Maps. Maybe this time I’ll do better