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The Fruit Of Lazy – Hermitcraft 7 Ep15

While working on the system I run into the fruits of all my laziness

Minor-ish (no mining) Update – Hermitcraft 7 Ep14

Wow! it’s an actual update like thing

Bas-Akwardness – Hermitcraft 7 Ep13

Finally getting back to doing stuff and OF COURSE I manage to get it backwards!

Better Mine Decor – Hermitcraft 7 Ep12

A few words about where I’ve been for the last month-Plus and then on to make the branch mine not look ugly.

Tower Base – Hermitcraft 7 Ep11

The base of the tower begins

Surface Upgrade – Hermitcraft 7 Ep10

That shack on the surface is ugly and too small. Time to upgrade it.