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Starting Mekanism Automation – Hermitcraft Hermit Skies Ep24

Taking the first steps to automate making some of the basic components

Early Mekanism – Hermitcraft Hermit Skies Ep23

The power system mystery is solved and I get to blame the solar panels that I don’t like. Meanwhile progress toward a reactor continues as I get started with Mekanism

Seeds Crafting And Power – Hermitcraft Hermit Skies Ep22

Making slow advances in mystical agriculture and there is still something of a mystery with the power system.

Solar – Hermitcraft Hermit Skies Ep21

Getting some starting AE stuff going and venturing into Solar to boost power production because right now it’s using more than we’re making.

System Startup – Hermitcraft Hermit Skies Ep20

Something I’ve been working toward since day one… starting up the A.E. system for the first time.

Processors & Seeds – Hermitcraft Hermit Skies Ep19

setting up production of processors and the first bits of mystical agriculture automation