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Rabbit Holes Everywhere – Hermitcraft Hermit Skies Ep15

My goal of getting an AE system up and running is exposing more rabbit holes that need to be explored in order to get things done

Enderstuff – Hermitcraft Hermit Skies Ep14

getting into the Endest revolution quests.

Auto Smelting & More Power – Hermitcraft Hermit Skies Ep13

Setting up to smelt all that ore I’m getting, and up my power generation as well.

The MultiSifter – Hermitcraft Hermit Skies Ep12

Expanding on the auto-sifter. I want it to be able to sift gravel, sand OR dust…. On demand.

Derping Along – Hermitcraft Hermit Skies Ep11

I’m working on fine tuning the auto sifter a bit and get a reminder of why one doesn’t record modded minecraft when one doesn’t have a clear head (recovering from an abcess, not feeling my best).

Auto Sifting – Hermitcraft Hermit Skies Ep10

Who wants to spend time sifting? Not me. Let’s Automate it.