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The Rings – FTB Insanity Skyblock Ep14

With the clay earned in the last episode I can finally start making some redpower materials such as Red Alloy Ingots and Brass, which I’ll be using soon. While that’s cooking I’m off to complete another of these quests and make all nine of “The Rings”.

Finishing Advanced Machines – FTB Insanity Skyblock Ep13

Getting all 9 of the Advanced machines built to get the reward for that objective, one that opens up some new possibilities.

Continuing After A Recap – FTB Insanity Skyblock Ep12

I’m back at this series now that TFC Modcraft is done and since it’s been so long I thought I’d start out with a brief recap of sorts and then start working on the next objective.

Upgrades & More Power – FTB Insanity Skyblock Ep11

Time to upgrade a few things and get some more power going because those lasers eat a LOT of power.

Farms Online – FTB Insanity Skyblock Ep10

Now that Buildcraft power production is up and running it’s time to get those Forestry tree farms going.

Buildcraft Power Online – FTB Insanity Skyblock Ep9

I will soon need a lot of Buildcraft power in order to complete an objective and to run some farms. Time to start gearing up to make the fuel needed.