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The Theater – Fallout 4 Ep90

After WAY too much clueless searching in the dark, I finally found the Zombie Theater.

Taking Over – Fallout 4 Ep88

Having survived the gauntlet and been declared Overboss it’s time to get busy. This means doing a bunch of talking with leaders of three raider gangs to establish who the boss is (ME!) and open the way for 3 sources of radiant quests that I plan to be doing a lot of.

Running The Gauntlet – Fallout 4 Ep87

So the bit about Harvey’s family was BS. Yeah, It’s a trap. It’s time to run the gauntlet in Nuka World.

Going West – Fallout 4 Ep86

I’ve put this one off for a long time but now that I have ballistic weave and some pretty good guns it’s time to make arrangements (Like parking Preston Gravy someplace where he’ll stay out of my way!) to head for Nuka World.

Repeatable Time – Fallout 4 Ep85

Taking time to run through more of the repeatable quests

Malden Center – Fallout 4 Ep84

Clearing synths out of the Malden Center subway and then a 3rd DIA cache