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Memory Interrupted – Interrupted – Fallout 4 Ep83

After clearing a 2nd DIA cache, I get sent on a “memory interrupted” quest, only to discover that there is an old Nick Valentine quest that has to be finished before the doctor will have the dialog I need for this one.

Blackbird In Dunwich – Fallout 4 Ep82

Looking for Agent Blackbird, expecting to find a corpse.

First DIA Cash – Fallout 4 Ep81

In order to get access to Ballistic Weave I need to complete 3 DIA Cache missions This is the first.

Clearing Kingsport Lighthouse – Fallout 4 Ep80

P.A.M., A robot that works for the Railroad, wants to set up a new safehouse . . . at Kingsport Lighthouse. I get to go clear the place.

Augusta Safehouse – Fallout 4 Ep79

Checking out what happened to an old safehouse thats gone dark.

Boston After Dark – Fallout 4 Ep78

First actual railroad mission. Also, wouldn’t it be cool to be able to rename the Mechanist Lair? For example, I’d rather call it “The Batcave”.