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Memory Time – Fallout 4 Ep75

Entering a virtual world to recover Dima’s Memories

Sub Command Center – Fallout 4 Ep74

First up I’m dealing with a heretic (though probably not in an “atom approved” way), Then it’s time for the main reason I came to this lunatic ward in the first place . . . Getting access to Dima’s memories that are stored in the base computer.

Clearing The Vim Pop Factory – Fallout 4 Ep73

One of Atom’s Loons needs a pump regulator from the Vim Pop factory and of course it’s full of super mutants.

Favors For Loons – Fallout 4 Ep72

I’ll have an easier time getting what I want from the loons if they have a positive attitude toward me and so, it’s time to do favor quests to raise their opinion of me.

Atom’s Loons – Fallout 4 Ep71

A Far Harbor quest from some time back, it’s time to get access to Dima’s memories. To do that I need to join up with the local children of Atom because the terminal I need is in the submarine base that they live in.

Time And Relative Dimensions In Space – Fallout 4 Ep70

This ought to make for a bit of fun and also be a little useful.