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Univited Guests – Fallout 4 Ep34

So some raiders show up at my base …. and they’ve got robots working for ’em.

It’s A Bot Time – Fallout 4 Ep33

While out doing some repeatable quest stuffs I ran into something I did not expect. (I knew it was there obviously but I hadn’t expected it to kick in so soon.)

Ghoul School – Fallout 4 Ep32

The folks at Summerville Place send me off to school. Seems a local educational facility has something of a Feral Ghoul problem. Not only that, they’re PINK!

Cool Cats & A New Suit – Fallout 4 Ep31

Finishing up that Atom Cats Quest, Interrupted by gunners, and a snazzy new T-60.

Settlement Issues Solved – Fallout 4 Ep30

Finishing up getting the current round of settlement issues taken care of. There will be more messing with settlements later but this should have things stable for the time being.

Improving Settlements – Fallout 4 Ep29

I found a section in the Pip-Boy data tab that has statistics for settlements and there are several warning indicators. So I’m making the rounds of all of the affected settlements to bring things up to standards so that all settlements are successful, thriving, safe ones.