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Missing Person Case – Fallout 4 Ep45

This missing person case with Nick valentine is the one I need to get me access to Far Harbor

Kellogg’s End – Fallout 4 Ep44

I catch up with Kellogg and give him what he’s got coming.

Getting A Clue – Fallout 4 Ep43

I need access to Far Harbor. I’ve already got one radiant quest going there and you just know there’s more coming. In order to get that access I need to stop by Nick Valentine’s office which, as we know, will advance the main questline a bit before I can get the part I need.

Getting County Crossing On Board – Fallout 4 Ep42

A bit of factory update and then off to County Crossing to take care of a quest that’s been hanging there for too long.

Starting The Factory – Fallout 4 Ep41

Building the first bits of what I hope will eventually be a complete factory using the contraptions workshop DLC (and the “Manufacturing Extended” mod).

Suit Seven – Fallout 4 Ep40

While I was at Fort Hagan Satellite Array collecting Jezebel, I found a full suit of X-01 power armor but could not take it then because I was already wearing armor at the time. Time to go collect it.