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Mad Mulligan’s Mine – Fallout 4 Ep99

Getting the keys and heading into the mine.

Dry Rock Gulch – Fallout 4 Ep98

Taking on the fourth park.

Nukalurk City – Fallout 4 Ep96

Continuing through the Nuka Cola bottling plant and meeting it’s residents and their queen

World Of Refreshment – Fallout 4 Ep95

The third park to clear out is the Nuka Cola bottling plant also known as the World Of Refreshment, ride

Safari Assigned – Fallout 4 Ep94

After finishing off the remaining gatorclaws still at large it’s time for one last meaningful conversation with Cito the resident genius and assign a gang to this park

Covert Ops Complete – Fallout 4 Ep54

Today’s mission is to go into some underground government facility to recover the tenth and last issue of the covert ops manual.