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Ship Out Of Water – Fallout 4 Ep51

There are only two issues of Covert Ops that I don’t have yet. One of them is aboard the USS Constitution. But first I want to stop by Hubris Comics and pick something up.

Covert Ops 4 5 and 6 – Fallout 4 Ep50

Three more issues of Covert Ops

Libertalia – Fallout 4 Ep49

After doing a bit of research I’ve figured out that back when I was at the National Guard armory the first time I did pick up a magazine there, but because of a bug/glitch it was the wrong one. The one that should have been there is actually at Libertalia.

Collecting Covert Ops – Fallout 4 Ep48

I’ve decided that I want to increase my stealth ability so with that in mind I’m going to collect all 10 editions of the US Covert Operations Manual. Each one grants 4% increase in stealth ability. I figure I ought to gain a level or three while doing this.

Back At It! – Fallout 4 Ep47

IT’s been a *LOONG* month of no Fallout 4 but things are finally getting straightened out and so the very FIRST video after getting back in gear is of course, Fallout 4.

Raising More Questions – Fallout 4 Ep46

Pursuing the case seems to raise a lot more questions than it answers. [Due to computer problems I am temporarily unable to play fallout until I can afford to get it fixed, which means it may be a while before the next episode. Sorry but it cannot be helped.]