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Augusta Safehouse – Fallout 4 Ep79

Checking out what happened to an old safehouse thats gone dark.

Boston After Dark – Fallout 4 Ep78

First actual railroad mission. Also, wouldn’t it be cool to be able to rename the Mechanist Lair? For example, I’d rather call it “The Batcave”.

Railroad Time – Fallout 4 Ep77

The Railroad has something I want so it’s time to hook up with them until I get it.

Last Two Memories – Fallout 4 Ep76

Getting the last two of Dima’s Memories, including a much quicker solution to the 5th one.

Memory Time – Fallout 4 Ep75

Entering a virtual world to recover Dima’s Memories

Sub Command Center – Fallout 4 Ep74

First up I’m dealing with a heretic (though probably not in an “atom approved” way), Then it’s time for the main reason I came to this lunatic ward in the first place . . . Getting access to Dima’s memories that are stored in the base computer.