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Hardwaretown – Fallout 4 Ep023

Having finished with scribe halen’s quest, I start for Backstreet Apparel and run into an obvious raider trap… so I decide to spring it and clear ’em out.

Oberland & Quartermastry – Fallout 4 Ep022

Stopping first at Oberland Station to see what they need to become a settlement and then since a quartermastry for scribe Halen is closer than the oberland quest, I’m off to do that one first.

Corvega Re-Cleared – Fallout 4 Ep021

Finishing up, this has actually felt kinda nostalgic.

Corvega Redux – Fallout 4 Ep020

I actually didn’t plan to revisit Corvega, it just kinda worked out that way.

Junket to a Junkyard – Fallout 4 Ep19

A junkyard? in the wasteland? Sounds like fun, I mean, what could go wrong?

Return To The Wasteland – Fallout 4 Ep018

After an insane long time away, I’m returning to the wasteland.