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Taking The Lair – Fallout 4 Ep59

Finishing up the taking of the Mechanist’s lair

The Mechanist Lair – Fallout 4 Ep58

it’s probably past time I got on with the mechanist story line and took it on in it’s own lair. That place has some seriously crazy doors in it!!

The Sad Stories of Cassie Dalton – Fallout 4 Ep57

The last living member of the Dalton clan has some sad stories and a thirst for revenge.

Hull Breach 2 – Fallout 4 Ep56

The mariner needs stuff from the MS Azaelia, which means I need to clear out a mess of trappers.

Ferals & Tools – Fallout 4 Ep55

Returning to Far Harbor to start working on some of the “help citizens of far harbor” quests

Turbopump Bearings – Fallout 4 Ep52

Among the things the Constitution needs is new Turbopump Bearings which are to be found at my old friend, The Corvega Assembly Plant.