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Candy Campaign Success – Creativerse Ep25

The goal has been reached and I’m working on finishing up a mess of Unleashed [running into a serious lag issue along the way) and then getting another pile of King Treasure Chests.

Pumpkiru Treasure Hunt – Creativerse Ep24

In the last few days I’ve dealt with a LOT of the haunted & infused idols and collected a good amount of candy. Now it’s time to take a break from all that and get a mess of the King Treasure chests.

More Haunted Fun – Creativerse Ep23

Taking a shot at adding fans to the area I’m using for the haunted stuff and then later hunting down the pumpkiru thingy to buy some of the top tier loot chests.

Halloween Update 2017 – Creativerse Ep22

Looking at the 2017 Halloween Update, dubbed “Pumpkiru’s Candy Campaign”! I knew this update was coming soon but it caught me totally by surprise this morning so I jumped in to have a look even before reading the patch notes.

Building The Ultimate Diamond Making Machine – Creativerse Ep21

I took a break from the landscaping to tame a few more critters and then go mining. That’s when I noticed that I was really short on diamond. Then I remembered seeing a video about this fantastic diamond making machine . . .

Landscaping with Excavators & Blueprints – Creativerse Ep20

Up until now I have not used excavators but rather than to this big job entirely manually, one block at a time, I’m going to excavate. I’m also going to use blueprints for building the slopes. And then there’s the “pets end up on the highest block above them when you load the area” bug… […]