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Kitchen Improved – Creativerse Ep16

More work on the kitchen & liquids facilities. Not final by any means, but at least now they’re functional.

Base Kitchen – Creativerse Ep15

The food storage and prep area next to my farm is to say the very least . . . lacking in aesthetics. To be flat out blunt, it’s an ugly mess that was thrown together as a temporary solution and it is long overdue to be torn out and re-done.

Creativerse Continues – Creativerse Ep14

I’ve been away from this for WAY too long!

Automatic Replanting Farm – Creativerse Ep13

One of the things that can get tedious about farming is replanting. I saw a video a few days ago that showed a very cool trick you can do with block phasers that makes replanting automatic. Note: I would have included a link to the video in question but I honestly can’t find it now […]

Trogs and Lumite Armor – Creativerse Ep12

Time to hunt up some trogs so I can get the last ingredient needed to make Lumite Armor Recorded 17-5-24

Update R43 ‘The Welcome Update’ – Creativerse Ep11.5

I woke up today to find that Update R43 was released today so I thought I’d go over it real quick. (episode 12 will be up later today) Recorded 17-5-24