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Barn Raising – Creativerse Ep9

I’ve got to get the critters out of the base. Time to get a barn built to keep ’em in. Recorded 17-5-15

Feed Pet, Get Goodies – Creativerse Ep8

Now that the farm is up and running and there’s some ingredients available it’s time to get cooking and check out the whole feeding pets to get stuff from them thing. Recorded 17-5-12

Farming & The Infinite Diamond – Creativerse Ep7

Having aquired some pets, one of which I understand is quite valuable, It’s time I got into some farming so I’ll have the stuff I’m gonna need to feed ’em. Recorded 17-5-10

Thing Happens – Creativerse Ep6

A bit of work on the base using the new Corner Roof blocks, then a trip to the corruption layer does not quite go as planned. a thing just kinda happened. Recorded 17-5-8

In Search of: The Arctic Miru – Creativerse Ep5

The diamond sword requires Arctic Miru eyes so I’m off to find some of these cold hearted things I’ve not seen before. Recorded 17-5-5

Iron (and How To Redeem Promo Codes) – Creativerse Ep4

I’ve seen a number of people on the steam forum apparently having difficulties redeeming promo codes so I cover that by actually redeeming a code and then claiming it in my world. After that I’m off to an unexpected cave to search for iron. Recorded 17-5-2