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Automatic Replanting Farm – Creativerse Ep13

One of the things that can get tedious about farming is replanting. I saw a video a few days ago that showed a very cool trick you can do with block phasers that makes replanting automatic. Note: I would have included a link to the video in question but I honestly can’t find it now […]

Trogs and Lumite Armor – Creativerse Ep12

Time to hunt up some trogs so I can get the last ingredient needed to make Lumite Armor Recorded 17-5-24

Update R43 ‘The Welcome Update’ – Creativerse Ep11.5

I woke up today to find that Update R43 was released today so I thought I’d go over it real quick. (episode 12 will be up later today) Recorded 17-5-24

Corruption Science – Creativerse Ep11

In some of what I’ve read on the steam forum and the creativerse wiki I’ve learned that the corruption effect can spread from one block to another. Today I decided to do a bit of science so that I could learn more about how this works and then use the results in expanding my mob […]

My Favorite Store Deals & 1st Mob Farm – Creativerse Ep10

I am just all kinds of busy in this one! First I take a look at my favorite deals in the in-game store, go on a quick adventure to learn more recipes, finish up the barn, and finally start work on my first Mob Spawner! Recorded 17-5-18

Barn Raising – Creativerse Ep9

I’ve got to get the critters out of the base. Time to get a barn built to keep ’em in. Recorded 17-5-15