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Halloween Event Time – Creativerse Ep38

Questing is interrupted because the Halloween event is upon us again.

Diamonds & Discovery – Creativerse Ep37

Underground update and Getting more quests done.

Rocks & Chickens – Creativerse Ep36

Underground update & plans and Getting 2 more quests done.

Questing Time – Creativerse Ep34

One of the things that was added to the game since the last time I played much is questing and I’ve decided I’m going to go through all of them over the next few episodes. Currently there are 43 quests that not only do a nice job of introducing new players to the game but […]

R55 – ‘The Big Update’ – Creativerse Ep33

It’s been WAY too long since I’ve played and I think the release of “The Big Update” is a good time to come back. For the time being, Creativerse episodes will appear 3 or 4 hours after a Hermitcraft episode. The next episode (#34) will appear after I have TEN episodes Pre-Recorded. R55 patch notes […]

Building Entuland’s ‘All Mobs’ Spawner – Creativerse Ep32

After taking a look at the completed version of my latest mob spawner, I’m off to build one designed by someone that’s become something of an authority in large mob spawners in Creativerse.