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Rise of the Techonobarn – Creativerse Ep18

While it does look ok for a rustic, rural kind of setting, I’ve never really been satisfied about how my barn looks next to the more modern design of the base. Now that the galactic block set is out, it’s time to tear down the old barn and build new.

Kitchen Improved – Creativerse Ep16

More work on the kitchen & liquids facilities. Not final by any means, but at least now they’re functional.

Base Kitchen – Creativerse Ep15

The food storage and prep area next to my farm is to say the very least . . . lacking in aesthetics. To be flat out blunt, it’s an ugly mess that was thrown together as a temporary solution and it is long overdue to be torn out and re-done.

Creativerse Continues – Creativerse Ep14

I’ve been away from this for WAY too long!

Automatic Replanting Farm – Creativerse Ep13

One of the things that can get tedious about farming is replanting. I saw a video a few days ago that showed a very cool trick you can do with block phasers that makes replanting automatic. Note: I would have included a link to the video in question but I honestly can’t find it now […]

Trogs and Lumite Armor – Creativerse Ep12

Time to hunt up some trogs so I can get the last ingredient needed to make Lumite Armor Recorded 17-5-24