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Cities Skylines S2E5 Installing Skyways

Time to start the second phase of mass transit . . . encouraging citizens to walk by giving them lots of places to do it. -Recorded 8-28-16 @5:16am

Cities Skylines S2E4 Exspansion

It’s gonna be expensive but it’s time for a serious growth push. -Recorded 8-28-16 @12:14am

Cities Skylines S2E3 Bus Stop

Springwood continues to grow and the first mass transit is implemented. -Recorded 8-25-16 @6:31pm

Cities Skylines S2E2 Boom Town

Growth of Springwood is Booming. -Recorded 8-25-16 @4:49pm

Cities Skylines S2E1 Springwood Reborn

The Original Springwood died an ingominius death, having drowned in garbage. Hopefully the New Springood will have a much better future. -Recorded 8-23-16 @2:18am

Cities Skylines (hard mode) EP10 Big City

Springwood is officially a “big city”. Also, Adding skyways and fixing up some roads.