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Expansion and University – Cities Skylines S2E11

Time for some expansion of the wealthy neighborhood of Westin Hills, including the additon of a university that will provide the “highly educated” workers that the office zones have been screaming for. *NOTE* Episode 12 is the last one of this series that was pre-recorded with my old mic. after that Cities Skylines will be […]

War on Trash – Cities Skylines S2E10

A Bonus episode ahead of schedule because I had a painful abcess develop last night that left me unable to record Hermitcraft. Meanwhile, it’s time once again to do battle with my old nemesis, the trash.

The Corpse Burners Cities Skylines S2E9

After a much too long hiatus it’s BACK! Springwood continues to grow as I get access to something I’ve wanted since the beginning, the crematorium.

Weeping Willow Zone Cities Skylines S2E8

Introducing the first use of the weeping willow zone originally created by PinStar. It’s a great prefab of roads that can be used for any type of zone. -Recorded 12-9-16 @1:43am

Cities Skylines S2E7 Milking The Rich

I’ve got plans that are going to cost quite a bit so it’s time to start milking the population, the rich in particular, for tax moneys. -Recorded 9-16-16 @12:30am

Cities Skylines S2E6 Fixing Things I Did Wrong

Time to start the second phase of mass transit . . . encouraging citizens to walk by giving them lots of places to do it. -Recorded 8-28-16 @5:16am