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Beyond The Foil – Over 30 Years of Pain

I’ve been in pain to one degree or another since 1985 and there is no end in sight. –2016-92 Recorded 8-31-16 @8:25pm

Beyond The Foil – The Ordeal

Recently I tried once again to quit smoking. Here’s how that went.

Beyond The Foil – Writing Nightmares – Flying Dreams

I actually love writing, it’s just the crap that I have to write these days that I hate doing. On the other hand, Orbiter 2010 is absolutely fascinating Here’s the link to that video I talked about. Best watched at 720p in full screen mode. With or without the music it is one amazing flight. […]

Beyond The Foil – Changes

In spite of what you might think, this series was NOT cancelled!

Beyond The Foil – A Day In The Life

(YTO2 324-42) This didn’t turn out like I had imagined it would. Which means I’ll probably be doing another one some time.

Beyond The Foil – Insanity Defined

(YTO2 315-51) I’ve been trying to get my weed eater started for weeks now. I have long since come to the conclusion that it is simply never going to start again without some serious repairs done by somebody who actually knows what they’re doing and has the tools to do it right. In spite of […]