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Brass Quest – 7 Days to Die [alpha 14.7] Ep36

Day 42 is done and while the AK-47 was great it also turned out to be a real bullet hose so before I even bother fixing up the damage to the base I’m off to hunt up as much brass (and paper for shotgun shells) as I can find. Then in the overnight hours all […]

Day 42 Party Time – 7 Days to Die [alpha 14.7] Ep35

The guests are arriving and the party is starting. Let’s introduce them to the AK-47.

Day 42 Final Prep – 7 Days to Die [alpha 14.7] Ep34

It’s the morning of day 42 and I’m taking care of a few last things to get ready for the horde. This and episode 35 were recorded all in one session.

Shooting Platform – 7 Days to Die [alpha 14.7] Ep32

I’ve an idea for a platform outside the base walls that should give me a better angle to shoot from during horde night. Not only that but it should let me pull the zombies away from banging on the base walls.

Searching All Over – 7 Days to Die [alpha 14.7] Ep31

My quest to find what I need to make a sniper rifle continues as I drive all over the map.

Seeking Sniper – 7 Days to Die [alpha 14.7] Ep30

Now that day 35 is out of the way I’m off to the hub city looking for stuff to make a sniper rifle.