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Technical Difficulties Nuke 2 Videos

I spent over 8 hours today working on two videos only to have both of them ruined by technical difficulties I’ve decided to add incentive for the fund raiser for my brother’s family. If it reaches the goal of $5,000 US Dollars then I will make a video of me shaving my beard!!

Taking Things For Granted

Ever thinks about how many things in our lives we take for granted that they’ll always be there and always work? Ever imagine how life would be without those things?

Giving Myself Incentives

So I’ve had a chance to regroup after the last try… it’s time to try once again to quit smoking. I’m gonna beat those things!

Beard Growing Secret – TFC’s Journey To The FarLands -27

I’m asked about my secret for growing an awesome beard.

Head Hunt Derails Videos

(YTO2 361-5) Today’s main topic is why there will be no Journey to the farlands today and why

Several Things

(YTO2 332-34) in which I rattle on about a number of things. Starting with how well the day started and the fact that I actually managed to make progress on a few projects. Sadly as the day wore on I wasn’t feeling so good and was not able to get a video up on the […]