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Discovery At A Mob Farm – TFC’s Minecraft Adventure Ep362

I decided to install a vastly better item collection system at a mob farm and while starting the job I made a discovery that means I’ll have to also partly re-design the entire mob farm.

Two Dungeons Two Stones – TFC Plays Skyrim ep133

Getting the 21st & 22nd of the stones of Barenziah.

R46 – The Galactic Update – Creativerse Ep17

Release R46 is OUT! Let’s take a look at it.

Prep For Day 42 – 7 Days to Die [alpha 14.7] Ep33

I’m spending the nights mining and the days getting the last bits of prep done for the day 42 horde.

Hermitcraft 4 Ep92 Shulking Stuff Around

I visit Python’s new shulker box shop and use a mess of them to move loads of stuff to my shop and then I’m off to G.U.T.S. to check out the cow cookers to see what the result of the max entity cramming rule is. — Recorded 11-12-16 @10:22am

The Killer (YTO3 56-309)

Good weather today, Getting farther ahead on video production, but not feeling well and a bout of depression is trying to kill it.