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Heat And Humidity Slow Productivity

Productivty takes a hit because it’s so bloody hot and humid

Ginormous Truckload of Fail

The road to quitting smoking is a rough one, especially lately.

Thane Again – TFC Plays Skyrim ep151

After finishing off the vampire lair I hang around Falkreath doing more favor quests and get appointed Thane. Also: I’ll be doing an FAQ soon on my Vlog channel FAQ Coming soon-ish

Discovery At A Mob Farm – TFC’s Minecraft Adventure Ep362

I decided to install a vastly better item collection system at a mob farm and while starting the job I made a discovery that means I’ll have to also partly re-design the entire mob farm.

Two Dungeons Two Stones – TFC Plays Skyrim ep133

Getting the 21st & 22nd of the stones of Barenziah.

R46 – The Galactic Update – Creativerse Ep17

Release R46 is OUT! Let’s take a look at it.