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Wearing Glasses Bites

As a person that’s worn glasses full time since I was eight years old I can assure you that doing so it not in any way even remotely cool or stylish. It’s a royal pain. In fact, often it’s a literal physical pain because it is inevitable that they will occasionally get bent in one […]

Most Things Change

The internet has changed a lot of things over the last couple of decades, in particular it’s changed how we shop and how we spread the word about anything from family news to business matters of all descriptions. One thing however seems to have not been affected by it and that’s the business card. Oh […]

I’ve Fallen WAY Behind

Sorry I’ve not been updating this blog recently. There’s been an assortment of reasons why and honestly in the end it doesn’t really matter why I’ve let most of a month go by without a new post. The main thing is that I start posting again and get caught up. Once caught up all I’ll […]

MineCraft – A Tour Of What I’ve Done So Far

After fighting with the program for three hours and with screen capture software for a couple more, I finally got my Minecraft video up. I’ve got a project started that I think is going to look really cool when it’s finally done. Of course, even when it’s done it’s nothing compared to what is possible. […]

Thursday’s video on Friday

(YTO 183-182) Thursday wasn’t such a great day. As it started I was feeling better, recovering from what I thought was the flu. It wasn’t. I had a certain ‘discomfort’ that, as a diabetic, I’m accustomed to having happen once in a while. However when my urine started turning red it was time to head […]

How To Make Sweet Potato Home Fries

(YTO 181-184) I shot this a couple of days ago when I decided to try making home fries with sweet potatoes. I have to say that it turned out pretty good. It’s also a good thing I had this video available to use because last night I came down with the flu and there’s no […]