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Investing Neighbor

Y’know, most people, when you mention investments, think of various stocks and bonds and other suchlike things. Or perhaps they’ll consider the idea of buying what’s known as an “income property”, like an apartment building or a house that can then be rented or leased for a regular income. A lady down the street however […]

Thinking ahead in Kitchen Design

The kitchen is one of the parts of a home that can make or break the design and resale value of the home. This is why it’s crucial to devote plenty of time and thought designing the kitchen area. A serious cook deserves an area where they can do the job easily in an efficiently […]

Truth Or BS?

(YTO 148-217) While I’ve been pretty busy with a mess of writing today, I did think of an interesting question. Tell me what you think in the comments and I’ll give you the answer tomorrow [tags]true or bs, busy writing, and napping, all day, yto, orbit, tinfoilchefdotcom[/tags]

How To Install Freenet Classic Opennet On Windows XP

Today’s video is not one of my usual vlogs nor is it a skit. Rather it’s a tutorial slash walk-through for installing freenet on windows xp. I don’t have vista, windows 7 or Linux so I cannot speak to any details that are different for those operating systems. As for the question that many people […]

How To Fail At Muffin Making

(YTO 67-298) Find out what happens when you put a batch of muffin mix in a loaf pan and try to bake it like bread! Also, I’ve *FINALLY* had the sense to create an “official” tinfoil chef twitter account… be sure to follow it today! Follow me on Twitter [tags]muffin, fail, muffin fail, how […]

Breadmaking tips for beginners

(YTO 61-304) This video covers some of the basics of breadmaking for beginners. Topics include yeast, flour, and measuring flour Don’t miss tomorrow’s video!! “The Ever Present Bologna Sandwich” [tags]bread, homemade bread, breadmaking, tips, for, beginners, yto, orbit, tinfoilchefdotcom[/tags]