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My History Of Pain

If you think about it, we all have something of a history with pain. Fortunately for most people that history isn’t really all that bad. I’m not trying to say that mine is the worst, not by a long shot, however it is a long one that has affected me quite a bit over the […]

Just Plain Hot

Some might look at the title of this post and get the idea that I’m talking about some great looking woman. If that’s what you were expecting, sorry, I only wish I had reason to talk about such things. What I mean by “hot” is temperature. As in the weather for most of the last […]

Attention Comment Spammers

I’ve had it. I am done being nice about the spam comments that tend to flood this and my other blogs. Therefore I have already begun a practice of telling you what kind of an idiot spammer I think you are. On those occasions that I decide to do this, all of the urls that […]

Persistent New Neighbor

Lately I’ve been working on a real puzzler of a problem. You see I’ve recently started playing Kerbal Space Program (videos of which you can find on my selif1 youtube channel) and along the way I managed to build a ship capable of reaching the outermost moon of Kerbin called Minmus. The problem is that […]

Don’t You Just Love A Good Smoke?

Quitting smoking is something that I’ve tried to do several times over the last few years. Each time I lasted anywhere from four or five days to as little as four or five hours. Part of the reason I’ve had such trouble is that I’ve been a smoker for over thirty years. Habits that old […]


A few days ago (June 29th) was my fifty third birthday and it got me started thinking about a lot of things. Among them is the topic of goals. There are a lot of things I want to do that I have not even come close to doing and at the age of fifty three […]