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Eve Market – Update After 667 days

I had intended to resume doing these updates on a weekly basis like I had been doing originally however after the previous update I found business to be extremely slow. It was so slow that I took some time to explore and found that these days there are FAR fewer players on at any […]

Eve Market – Update After 617 days

In my previous report I wrote the following: For the items that I could not find any recent data on, I put up sell orders using the “estimated value” that Eve shows for the item in the hangar. It may not be the greatest price but it’s a starting point. I anticipate having to reduce […]

Eve Market – Update After a crap ton of days

Subtitle: Pretty Much Kinda Starting Over It’s been a long time since I did anything with this project. Because it’s actually irrelevant and nobody’s business but mine, I’m not going to go into why I stopped doing this business and even let my Eve subscription lapse completely other than to say “Life happens”. It’s been […]

Eve Market – Update After 91 days

It’s been 36 days since the last time I did one of these reports. I’m somewhat less than thrilled about that but sometimes life and other things just happen and there’s nothing you can do but the best you can. On a more positive note my wealth has crossed the one billion mark, even if […]

Eve Market – Update After 55 days

I’ve come to really hate having done that “small business loan” nonsense. Because I have to subtract the balance remaining from my wealth it makes growth look far smaller than it actually is. Therefor after compiling this report I made the last payment. That loan will no longer have any impact on my wealth. This […]

Eve Market – Update After 48 days

Once again a number of factors have kept me from completing and posting this update on Monday as I prefer. I did get the financial report part at the bottom compiled on Monday evening but then had to deal with other things and this is the first I’ve gotten back to it. In my skill […]