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Into The Undiscovered Country

3303-6-3 23:45 I believe I have reached my first truly “undiscovered”. While the main star in this system does in fact have a “first discovered by” tag on the galactic map, it’s two companion stars, seven planets and a moon, do not. That means I get the “first discovered by tag in the map . […]


Captain’s log: 3303-6-3 23:00 These are the voyages of the starship; Enterprise. It’s mission; to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before. I know some will eventually read this log entry and groan, saying “it’s been done.”, and I admit that […]

A Good Ship Needs a Name

3303-6-3 21:35 I went to Suclly Power station in Ix for what I was sure would be the final components for the ship Carto data: 121,685 6D fuel scoop 385,494 3A AFM 1,982,880 4S thrusters 109,991 4D life sup -14,472 5D sensors -40,517 new balance: 5,908,031 AspX rebuy: 847,093 explorer rank pathfinder 56% Fed rank […]

Second Shakedown Cruise

3303-6-2 The first shakedown went well enough. After selling a couple million worth of data to Universal Cartograhics I decided to see if I could increase the ship’s jump range and made some changes. repairs 55 carto data 2,102,006 5A FSD 4,621,912 4A pwr plnt 163,959 3A sh gen 507,912 3D pwr dist 10,133 3C […]

First Shakedown Cruise

3303-6-1 I moved a few parts from the adder and I Think the AspX is ready for it’s 1st exploration run. Not the big trip I’m planning but more of a shakedown cruise. After which I fully expected to end up changing some things. This is my first time fitting such a ship (or flying […]

First Landing and A New Ship

3303-5-31 I Went back to Armstrong City for that vehicle hangar & SRV. Once I had everything loaded I took off and went to a nearby low gravity moon for some practice. While I know I didn’t do a great job of the landing, I also managed to do it on the first try without […]