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Rivers of Blood

3303-6-7 10:37 The landing went smoothly and I spent a couple of hours driving around finding the materials I needed. In fact I quickly got to the point where I stopped collecting the more common elements because I had plenty of them. Zinc and Vanadium however weren’t nearly so plentiful. I think I covered a […]

Second Landing

3303-6-6 06:53 I’ve completed the second leg of the trip. These first two legs of the flight combined work out to 1959 ly traveled (71 jumps averaging 30ly each), which works out to a straight line distance of 1852ly from Sol & 1790 from Kremainn. After finishing up on the last system I took time […]

Rover Success

3303-6-6 02:16 The rover mission was a success. I spent about 90 minutes or so driving around following signs on the wave scanner and located several “resource rocks”, presumably meteorites. The fact that I made a point to land on the daylight side and the ground was a light tan color made it easy to […]


3303-6-5 00:08 The whole matter of the limited supply of the AFM has been on my mind since the incident where I used it and messed up, wasting some of it’s very limited supply. When I get back to a starport I’m going to install a second unit, however until then the best hope I […]

Off To A Good Start

3303-6-4 0240 The first leg of the trip is done and I’m pretty sure I’ll get a few ‘firsts’ out of it when I return. I think for now though, Having gone 970 Ly from where I started I think it’s fair to say I’ve done enough for one day and have parked the ship […]

Sometimes it’s hard not to feel like an idjit.

3303-6-4 0120 A note for anyone who installs and AFM on their ship: Take time to insure you know fully how to operate the bloody thing! Having realized kinda a lot too late that I did NOT know, I looked up it’s documentation and, having noticed that several modules were at 99%, including the FSD, […]