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An Odd Encounter

3303-5-30 I headed back to Armstrong city for more upgrades: 1 3A FSD 375,291 1 2A pwr dist 48,065 1 3B sh gen 125,097 1 heat sink 2,975 and of course I had data to sell when I got there: 5 carto data 48,501 new balance: 4,297,832 rebuy cost: 95,157 While I waiting for the […]

A Good Investment

3303-5-29 Today I went to Armstrong city in the Borr system because it’s got things I’m looking for and because it’s in area controlled by Li Yong-Rui and another one of the tidbits of helpful information I’ve picked up from pilots is that in areas controlled by Li Yong-Rui you get a 15% discount on […]

New Beginning

[Author’s Note:] I decided to Start over. I figured that if I was going to do it, better now than after a week or three of progress. Doing this would let me apply what I’ve learned so far to the new start. Why restart? Because there is a story to be told here, one that […]

My First Day Playing Elite Dangerous

[Author’s Note] Well, actually this entire post is an author’s note / prequel both because it covers my first day playing Elite Dangerous and because the main story that these posts is going to tell doesn’t start until the next day. Author’s notes like this will occasionally appear as the story progresses, though they’ll normally […]