Rivers of Blood

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3303-6-7 10:37

The landing went smoothly and I spent a couple of hours driving around finding the materials I needed. In fact I quickly got to the point where I stopped collecting the more common elements because I had plenty of them.

Zinc and Vanadium however weren’t nearly so plentiful. I think I covered a good hundred kilometers searching. I quickly came to appreciate the fact that I had dismissed the ship and could order it to land nearby instead of having to trek all the way back to where I landed.

I decided to take off and fly a good distance on to the daylight side. The first landing had put me near the terminator and as I followed wave scanner readings I found myself going farther and farther into the night side of the moon.

This time I tried to set down near the middle of the day side. Since this moon is tidally locked (always facing the same direction), the only time the day side will see darkness if when it goes into shadow of the gas giant that it’s orbiting and that will take another couple of days.

rivers of bloodAs I flew Eastward I was treated to an amazing sight. What looked for all the world like actual rivers of blood flowing across the surface

Naturally of course that couldn’t be. Not only does this moon not have an atmosphere (liquids behave rather oddly in a vacuum), it’s surface temperature is far below freezing even in the brightest daylight from the red dwarf star in this system. Cold enough that only some very exotic materials could exist in a liquid state out on the surface.

And it certainly wasn’t blood. You would have to slaughter the population of an entire medium population planet to even begin to have that much blood.

As convincing as the effect looked, the reason was simple. The chemical composition of that area of the surface gave it a color that strongly resembled blood.

I decided to land in one of the wider blood colored areas to have a closer look.

This is where I ran into a problem. Neither of the SRV’s (Surface Recon vehicle) will deploy. I’m going to sleep for a couple of hours and then find out why not. Those SRV’s are an essential part of my plan to cover the need for any repairs out in the deep dark where there are no stations with handy repair and outfitting services.

The Fuel Rats may make house calls but mechanics don’t.

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