Rover Success

June 6th, 2017 | Posted in Captains Log | Comments Off on Rover Success

3303-6-6 02:16

The rover mission was a success. I spent about 90 minutes or so driving around following signs on the wave scanner and located several “resource rocks”, presumably meteorites. The fact that I made a point to land on the daylight side and the ground was a light tan color made it easy to spot the dark black (charred looking) meteorites.

From them I collected a total of

21 carbon
12 chromium
15 iron
12 manganese
9 nickel
21 phosphorus
18 sulfur

for a total of 108 out of 1000 materials I can carry at any given time.

I feel a lot better knowing that I’ll be able to repair, refuel and resupply ammo for the rovers. Next time I land I’m going to locate a place with zinc and vanadium which will allow me to synthesize refills for the AFM. That by itself will go a long way toward insuring this mission does not have to end prematurely.

If I could use synthesis to reload heat sink modules it would be perfect. I’d only have to carry one unit. I wouldn’t even mind if I had to be landed somewhere in order to do it.

and now on to the next system.

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