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3303-6-5 00:08

The whole matter of the limited supply of the AFM has been on my mind since the incident where I used it and messed up, wasting some of it’s very limited supply.

When I get back to a starport I’m going to install a second unit, however until then the best hope I have is synthesis processing. I’ve located a small low gravity moon that has reasonable amounts of sulfur, phosphorus, iron, nickel, chromium and even some zinc in it’s composition according to the detailed surface scanner. Unfortunately however it’s got no vanadium.

I’m going to land and take out an SRV and try to find some of these materials which are needed for the following processes (amounts are per use):

SRV fuel:
sulfur 1
phosphorus 1

SRV ammo restock:
sulfur 2
phosphorus 1

SRV repair:
iron 2
nickel 1

AFM refil:
nickel 2
zinc 2
chromium 2
vanadium 3

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