Sometimes it’s hard not to feel like an idjit.

June 4th, 2017 | Posted in Captains Log | Comments Off on Sometimes it’s hard not to feel like an idjit.

3303-6-4 0120

A note for anyone who installs and AFM on their ship: Take time to insure you know fully how to operate the bloody thing!

Having realized kinda a lot too late that I did NOT know, I looked up it’s documentation and, having noticed that several modules were at 99%, including the FSD, I went through them all toggling the “repair” state.

This was all fine and dandy until I did this for the FSD. For some reason it totally escaped me that the module would have to be offline in order for it to be repaired. So when I toggled repair mode for the FSD it shut down, violently, and the ship dropped out of supercruise

In the process it caused minor damage to most of the ship systems. This gave me a full understanding of how the AFM works and how to use it . . . at the cost of 588 of it’s 4,000 charges.

This means that sooner rather than later I’m going to have to start doing some surface landings and hope that I can find materials with which to re-charge the AFM. I should also note that the AFM’s condition is at 98%, and it cannot repair itself. In the future I’m going to bring at least two of them for that very reason.

I should also note, in addition to itself, the AFM cannot repair the ship’s power plant but of course, if that goes I’m totally hosed any way you look at it.

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